Sleepy Magnesi-Om Individual Sachet

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Sleep Fast And Deep With Plant-Based Melatonin, Magnesium + L‑Theanine.

Melatonin regulates circadian rhythm. Unlike higher dose Melatonin that leaves you groggy in the morning, Sleepy Magnesi-Om® supports slumber without the hangover.* Our microdose of Phytomelatonin, extracted from plants, decreases duration to fall asleep.* Chelated, non-laxative Magnesium Bisglycinate and Gluconate support the body’s stress response and relaxation.* L-Theanine supports sleep quality.* This Melatonin and Magnesium sleep supplement instantly dissolves in water, tastes like organic blackberries, and has zero sugar.



    • + Sleep supports slumber without the hangover, decreases duration to fall asleep, supports sleep quality*
    • + Relaxation supports the body’s stress response and muscle relaxation*

    Moon Juice ingredients are 100% traceable, unadulterated, and sustainably sourced.

    • + Magnesium Citrate, USP grade from Germany.
    • + Magnesium Gluconate, USP grade from the U.S.
    • + Magnesium Acetyl Taurinate, highest grade of purity and potency from Belgium.