Dream Glow Sheet Mask

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Femmue Dream Glow Mask contains dry bio-cellulose sheet, botanical ingredients and niacinamide to help make skin tone even and more transparent. In addition, the sheet tightly adheres to the skin, adsorbing unnecessary sebum and waste of the skin, while providing clean and clear skin.

Mask features:

  • Niacinamide and active botanical ingredients effectively improve dark skin tone and dull skin texture, enhancing skin’s vitality and liveliness.

  • With fine network structure, it thoroughly removes unnecessary sebum & dead skin cells, making the skin even and clean.

  • Hyaluronic acid and adenosine, which are effective in moisturizing the skin and improving wrinkles, help prevent skin aging.

  • A mask sheet with superior moisture-retaining properties firmly adheres to the skin, and effectively delivers whitening active ingredients, making the skin look brighter immediately.

  • After application, it leaves no residue and sticky finish, making the skin feel refreshed and moisturized.

  • This mask sheet is optimized for all skin types and its sturdy fiber and smooth texture enhance the quality of skin care.

*by selecting this item, you are supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color)-owned businesses! Femmue is a Korean beauty brand founded by beauty entrepreneur Kelly S. Chung.