Borderline Fan Fiction: The 4 Times Mindy Lahiri Needed BOXFOX

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Today is a day we at BOXFOX have been eagerly anticipating for months. September 15th marks the respective return and arrival of one of our favorite shows “The Mindy Project” and what’s sure to be our new favorite collection of personal essays, “Why Not Me?” Call us Danny Castellano because....

But before we jump the poor soul carrying our Amazon Prime package to our doorstep, let’s take a moment to debut our new Borderline Fan Fiction series with our crush on Mindy Lahari, the titular heroine of “The Mindy Project” who, while delusional and maybe a little self-absorbed, is a woman we not only admire but would eagerly befriend. She’s fearless, driven, career-oriented, but also vulnerable, honest, real and hilarious.

In honor of all things Mindy, we couldn’t help but imagine what she would order/receive from us in the hopes of celebrating important milestones, such as impressing Danny Castellano’s mother, or pampering herself after she becomes the MILF to end all MILFs.

So, without further ado, in honor of the triumphant return of The Mindy Project season 4, here are the 4 times Mindy Lahiri needed BOXFOX in her life. Check out our shoppable Mindy Lahiri BOXFOX Gift Guide (borderline fan fiction/love letter/stalker series) below:

1. When Mindy Meets the Parents

Most of us are a nervous wreck before we meet the parents and Mindy, as we saw in season 3, is no exception. Luckily, Mindy’s (mostly) fool-proof four-step plan to winning over her significant other’s mother includes step number 3, “come bearing gifts.”

What's better for the dynamic duo of Annette & Dot than a Kate Spade "Perfect Pair" Canvas Tote and snacks to share? PS: Hey Danny, maybe don't show up to India empty handed? We could totally source find a rare coin for grandfather...

2. Mindy Lahiri, Best Man

While Peter (Adam Pally) may act like he never left his Dartmouth frat house, we know (and miss!) the unlikely yet loving friendship he and Mindy share. We feel like Peter could have perfected the last minute ask if he sent her one of these from Texas: 

All the party paraphernalia she could ever need (even if she is pregnant...). How about a Compartes California Love Bar, some non-alcoholic (but photogenic) lemonade and some mason jar shotglasses? 

3. We Can Do It All

We couldn’t agree more with Mindy’s sentiment that women can have it all. As an OBGYN, we know Mindy would gift the NEW MOM and HUSTLE boxes to not only herself, but her clients that work hard to balance their personal and professional responsibilities with grace.

4. A Love You Can Show On Instagram

Mindy loves a grand romantic gesture as much as the rest of us.

A BOXFOX is a new kind of PDA shown the right way (on Instagram), we're all up in the gram game and we know Mindy would love (and post) boxes both given and received! 

Here's to season 4, the talented Mindy Project writing team and hoping that if we have a potato bag large enough with our name on it, you'll notice us.


Chelsea, Jenni, Sabena, Michael & the BOXFOX team. 

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