Favorite Childhood Halloween Costume

Favorite Childhood Halloween Costume

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Was there anything better than trick or treating? Not only did you get to dress up as your favorite character, animal, or creature, you got to go get unlimited FREE candy. We got to be princesses or pirates for a day and jack o' lantern buckets and pillowcases full of treats still drive kids wild every year. It's a time when creativity and spookiness reigns, and it's awesome.

Since it's no longer socially acceptable for us to trick or treat, we are a bit nostalgic. We asked everyone what their favorite Halloween costume was as kids, and the responses and pictures are the cutest. 

BOXFOX's Favorite Halloween Costume Memories

Claire // Cheetah Girl, Cheetah Sistuh
Claire rocked a full cheetah bodysuit when she was 4 years old. Meow!

Riley // Bride Chilla
As a toddler Riley dressed up as a veiled Bride. That's one cute wedding we'd like to be invited too.

Rachel // Esmeralda
In a sea of basics, Rachel searched for her Quasimoto in the best homemade costume (thanks Gina!)

Jenni // Most Creative Child Award
Jenni loved rainbows and cats so she made her own rainbow cat costume.

Sabena // The Lioness

Chelsea // Yasss Kween
Even in 3rd grade Chelsea reigned supreme. Dressing up as a better Queen Amidala than Natalie Portman herself. 

Grace // Nahla
Tied for cutest lion ever with Sabena!

Sasha // I Put a Spell on you
In hopes that Hogwart's was still accepting applications, Sasha adorned a wand and scar to prove just how serious she was. 

Maddy // Scooby Dooby Doo
We can't with this onesie.

Janet // I Dream of Janet 
I Dream of Jeannie's classic pink ensemble was Janet's costume of choice, and was cuter than any of us could have wished for. 


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