GIFT GUIDE 2017 / The Bar Cart Guide to Gifting

GIFT GUIDE 2017 / The Bar Cart Guide to Gifting

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December is the ultimate party month. There are holiday parties and dinners galore, tinsel is everywhere, it’s totally acceptable to eat and drink whatever treats come your way. While there’s no knocking a nice cup of hot cocoa to fight the winter chill, the season is also the perfect excuse to get a little boozy.

Everyone has their favorite drink and we've curated very different boxes to accompany those preferences, because we love a good, stiff drink almost as much as we love a great gift. Whether it’s for a social drinker or someone with a solo lone cocktail a night kind of vibe, we’ve got the perfect gifts for your drinking buddy.

BOXFOX's 5 Cocktails and their Inspired Gifts //

Scotch, neat. 
Simple, to the point, and the preferred drink of gentlemen.  
Pairs well with: Daneson Scotch Toothpicks, The Nighcap Compartes Chocolate Bar & more.

Champagne (on ice).
Celebrate the crowd favorite by poppin' that bubbly like it's New Year's Eve and you're Rihanna.
Pairs well with: All bubbles everything. 

You better Bellini it.
Mimosa's can be so last summer, but Bellinis will out class your brunch ladies any hungover saturday morning.
Pairs well with: a peachy keen candle.

What do you have on draft?
Beer, the tried and true, is good anytime of the year at almost any venue. Whether you're into crafted IPA's or reattempting college keg stands.

Pairs well with: bar snacks.


Martini, straight up.
They say happiness is a dry martini. Aesthetically pleasing and classic, we couldn't agree more. 
Pairs well with: almonds


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