It's (Almost) National Dog Day!

It's (Almost) National Dog Day!

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As certified dog-lovers here at BOXFOX HQ (we’re a dog friendly office!), our team wanted to share the stories behind their furry friends. These sweet pups have proven to be more than just adorable faces, they’re also the most loyal companions.

Read on to see as our team gushes about these cute, cuddly, confidants that genuinely love us more than they love themselves. //



Name: Eleanor Olivero Moore

Her Story: Her sweet, sleepy, 8 week old face was napping at an adoption center and we had to have her. We thought, "wow, look how calm she is".

Fun fact about Eleanor: She has to say good morning to both of us individually in the morning and will come into our rooms to jump on the bed and snuggle.



Name: Riley Suri 

His Story: Our dad is a doctor and two nurses at work couldn’t take care of their two-week old dog so they brought him to the office and my dad fell in love. He brought him home to us, and our family fell in love and just had to keep the little fluff ball of love! 

Fun fact about Riley: He is incredibly emotional and protective of our parents (especially dad), so when they leave the house, he stands on his two back legs and wraps his arms around them like a panda on bamboo. It’s the cutest thing in the world!



Name: Zoey

Her Story:  We adopted Zoey in March from an elderly lady with dementia who could no longer take care of her. 

Fun fact about Zoey: She came with a box of dog clothes and lays there like a rag doll while you play dress up. She’s such a pleaser. 



Name: Sydney

Her Story: I begged my parents for a puppy when my second sibling went to college and I became an only child. Around the same time my neighbor got a Havanese puppy and brought it over and we all fell in love. We bought one from the same breeder and she still sprints straight to her brother’s door 10 years later. 

Fun fact about Sydney: Her breed used to be used for chicken herders so she can tell when we’re rushing out of the house and she tries to “herd” us out the door by nipping our ankles/pushing us along. They also used to be circus dogs so she can stand on her hind legs for a long time. 



Name: Bailey 

Her Story: Just shy of my 16th birthday, I convinced my mom to take me to look at dogs that were up for adoption “just for fun” *wink wink* when my dad was out of town. Long story short, I fell in love with Bailey’s face and spunky personality and convinced my mom to adopt her as my birthday gift (and to give my older dog a friend). Needless to say, my dad was surprised when he got the call about a new puppy! 

Fun fact about Bailey: She snores incredibly loudly whenever she falls asleep! 




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