Our CEO's Hospital Bag Checklist

Our CEO's Hospital Bag Checklist

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

Our CEO's Hospital Bag Checklist


As some of you know, I'm pretty close to having my first child (a boy!), so I'm in full on prep mode. This last weekend, I prepped and packed my hospital bag and I'm here to offer up my hospital bag checklist and exactly what I snagged from BOXFOX to make my stay that much more comfortable.


It got me thinking, what an insanely vulnerable time this is in our mom friend's lives and how helpful it would be to know exactly what to gift them. The type of product that is well-designed, actually useful, and elevated enough to make a wild time feel romanticized and aesthetic (even if we all know that is a tall order!), without being an imposition!


I'm all about less is more. The hospital is going to have a fair amount of stuff for my son so I'm keeping it as simple as can be.


My List of Postpartum Hospital Essentials:


  1. Poloroid / Digital Camera: Got to get that content!
  2. Stroller Fan: I hear some folks have an overheated reaction to the epidural. That would be me.
  3. Pajamas for Recovery
  4. Robe for Recovery
  5. Clothes for my husband
  6. Toiletries / Skincare 
  7. Baby Swaddle, Hat (from BOXFOX of course) and going home outfit
  8. My going home outfit
  9. Shower Shoes + Dark Towel
  10. Pillows from home

What I Snagged from BOXFOX / aka, what makes the perfect postpartum gift:


  1. New, fun, cozy slippers: I have about 3 pairs of these BOXFOX slippers, so I had to ring in my son's birth with a fun, new pair
  2. An extra long phone charging cord: Need I say more?
  3. Silk Sleep Mask: Sleep will be a thing of the past but this will at least help with all the random lights, beeps, middle of the night nurse visits, etc.
  4. Mother Mother: Postpartum Mesh Underwear. I know the hospital gives you something but the preparation makes me feel less anxious.
  5. Grippy Socks: Our adorable varsity pilates socks double as the perfect recovery-friendly socks for any and all things *medical*
  6. A New Hair Clip: Because you can never have enough but I am a GET MY HAIR OUT OF MY FACE girl.

Gift this curation to a soon-to-be mom in your life HEREOr send us a note and tell us what we're missing!!


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