Very Superstitious

Very Superstitious

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Beyond the autumn weather weirdness and the smell of pumpkin spice there's a little something special in the air this time of year. October is the month where people can celebrate the scarier things in life. Watching horror movies, revisiting folklore, and meticulous planning elaborate costumes is all part of the fun. It's the one month where it's completely acceptable to have fake blood or a broomstick in your shopping cart. It makes us appreciate what goes bump in the night and brings us together through old traditions and hopefully a big bowl of candy. 

A common theme in the Halloween season that seems to last through the year is superstition. We asked our BOXFOX team to share what special superstitions they carry with them all year long and the reasons why. 

BOXFOX's Spooky Superstitions 

Chelsea // Pretty Fly
As a personal tradition, before she has buckled her seatbelt and the plane takes off Chelsea makes sure to read the airplane safety card in its entirety. 

Sabena // A Thing About Rings
Sabena won't leave the house, not even to take out the trash, without her keepsake rings on both of her middle fingers. She thinks they protect her from something bad happening, although she's never tested it. (she's too scared!)

Riley // Ladder Matters
Rumor has it if you walk under a ladder it's bad luck, and that's something Riley has stuck too and honestly who can blame her.

Grace // Gas in the Tank, Money in the Bank
Impressingly Grace never lets her car's fall below a quarter tank of gas before going in for a fill up, she believes that if she doesn't do this, she will get stranded in an emergency.

Sasha // 3's a Crowd 
As a huge believer in karma, Sasha believes that if you wrong another person, harm will come back to you 3 fold, and that bad luck always happens in 3's.

Janet // Classics are Classics for a Reason
Friday the 13th, ladders, and broken mirrors oh my! Janet sticks to the OG superstitions, always refraining from the cracks in the sidewalk and opening umbrellas inside.

Madison // Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, lock yo doors
Reasonably Madison always makes sure to lock her doors at night, and then double check them before she goes to bed because if she doesn't, she'll be inviting harm.

Claire // Cat Scratch Fever
Black cats have long held the reputation for bad luck, and Claire is scared of them because of it. She makes sure to never go in the direction of a black cat who crossed her path. 

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