Welcome to BOXFOX // Sonix Phone-cases

Welcome to BOXFOX // Sonix Phone-cases

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We are so excited to welcome SONIX to the BOXFOX fam. Our phones have never felt so hip and we have this awesome partnership to thank, and lucky for you we have a bunch that anyone you are gifting to is guaranteed to love. Sonix is a company that knows a little something about quality, detail, and aesthetic- which is exactly what we look for when adding to the BOXFOX fam.  These Sonix Phone Cases are seriously upping our selfie game. 

Wondering how Sonix is always so on trend (their lookbooks speak for themselves)? We asked them a few questions to get the inside scoop.

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Tell us a little bit about Sonix // 
Sonix is a fashion brand that specializes in accessories with distinct personality. We dedicate ourselves to building products that are unique, yet resilient, for the style-conscious woman! 

Cutest Sonix Phone Cases


When was Sonix founded and what inspired its creation?
Sonix was founded in 2006, in Torrance, California! We launched as a tech accessories brand designing simple iPhone cases. When we first began, phone cases were not looked at as a fashion accessory. People purchased phone cases for the sole purpose of protecting their phones, and the only cases available at that time were black solid, bulky cases. Our Creative Director, Jillian Wheeler, wanted to change that! She felt that phone cases should not only protect your phone, but should also show off your personal style! Jillian started integrating fashionable prints on cases and coined new techniques such as metallic foiling, and it completely changed the way people looked at tech! Sonix pioneered the movement of looking at your phone as something that needs to be accessorized! Today, we have expanded our product assortment by launching our first collection of sunglasses, elevating us into the fashion scene and grabbing the attention of celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Emma Roberts and many others who have been spotted using Sonix products. Our products create the complete story to personalize your everyday look and our goal is continue to produce products that allow women to define their personal style. We believe women can have it all when it comes to their accessories, and they should never have to compromise style for quality! 
Where does Sonix look for design inspiration?
Jillian draws a lot of her inspiration from her own personal style and her international travels! She is also inspired by fashion runway, trends in pop culture, and most importantly by women! 

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