Classic Honey

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This is where we first discovered that coffee farms also produce other deliciously pure products. We heard about Jorge Mendez and his exquisite coffee farm, so we decided to hike our way up and see for ourselves. After cupping Jorge's beautifully clean, complex coffee - he asked if we would like to try his honey. We inquisitively said "yes" and were amazed to indulge in the clean nectar.  We're excited to share El Apiario ("Honeybee Farm") with other coffee enthusiasts.

Tasting notes: a subtle sweetness with delicate lavender notes. Pairs well with coffee, tea, cheese

Crystalization: Three things make honey more likely to crystallize: 

Temperature below 50ºF (10ºC) |The ratio of glucose and fructose in the honey | Pollen content

To turn your Coffee Blossom Honey back into a smooth liquid put your honey in a vessel of warm water and allow it to slowly liquify. 

NOTE: Raw honey is not suitable for infants.