8 Easy Water Saving Tips Everyone Can Start Doing 

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8 Easy Ways to Save Water

Happy Earth Day foxes! With the current California drought situation recently declared much more severe, we wanted to challenge ourselves to save water however we can in our day to day. Aside from general tricks they always say like taking shorter showers or cutting back on watering your lawn, we compiled a list of simple and easy water conservation tips that anyone can start doing ASAP. 

  1. Buy a 5 quart bucket from your local hardware store (or Amazon) to keep in your shower. Fill up the bucket while your shower warms and use to water plants, rinse your sink, or fill your toilet’s water tank. The possibilities are endless here, just repurpose! 
  2. Don’t let your sink run while you’re waiting for drinking water to cool either. Always keep water bottles or a Britta filter in the fridge to keep your water at a refreshing temp. 
  3. Make sure your loads are full when you run the dishwasher or toss in some laundry. You’ll save water as you run washes less frequently. Selecting the right load size will help too! 
  4. Rather than thawing frozen foods in a sink of warm water, let foods thaw overnight in the fridge. 
  5. Instead of going right to the sink to rinse dishes, scrape any leftovers in the trash and rinse as needed before loading into the dishwasher. 
  6. Whether you’re hand washing dishes or rinsing fruits and veggies, do your best to keep the faucet from running. Try filling the sink slowly at the start instead of washing one by one. 
  7. Fill a plastic water bottle with something weighted —  we used a few handfuls of sand from the beach — then fill the rest of the bottle with water. Keep the full bottle in the back of your toilet to displace part of the tank. Each time you flush you’re saving that much more water! 
  8. Keeping a small cup at our bathroom sink really helped us turn the sink off when brushing our teeth in the morning!
We’re trying out several different shower timers —we’ll keep you posted with the ones we love. Stay tuned! 

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