5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Next Corporate Gifting Project

5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Next Corporate Gifting Project

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Have a corporate gifting need, but don’t know where to start? Our 5 point gifting checklist will get your wheels turning so you’re empowered to have a great introduction call with your BOXFOX Concierge representative and take you one step closer to the perfectly curated gifting suite. 


  • What’s my budget?
  • What’s my quantity?
  • What’s my in-hand date?
  • Who’s my audience?
  • How do I measure my ROI?


BUDGET // Our ability to work within any budget is one of the reasons so many companies choose to partner with BOXFOX. When starting a project, our clients usually wonder: “What will X amount get me?” We typically work backwards within your budget, and let you know what the box possibilities will look like. Even if it’s a rough estimate or range, checking your budget is a great place to start!

QUANTITY // Just like budget, box quantity is an important factor when you're prepping to submit your order. For custom orders, our minimum quantity is 25 boxes, and can extend all the way to 25,000+ boxes. Everything above 25 boxes is specially ordered for you, so knowing your quantity can open (literally) every door, and might even unlock some discounts.


IN-HAND DATE // Turn-around time is probably the most important component of an order. Our typical turn-around time is at least 2.5 weeks from the time that we’ve received payment for an order. This allows us time to custom order your products, pack them perfectly, and ship them out to your recipients. Knowing your timeline right away, and sticking to it, can make all the difference in creating your perfect gift. However, that's not to say we can't accommodate rush orders. That's where BOXFOX Concierge, our online portal for corporate clients, and your Concierge representative come in! We can always make some magic happen - just let us know right away that your order is urgent.

AUDIENCE // Knowing your audience is key when discussing your gifting needs with us because we tailor every proposal and curation specifically for you. A few thought starters include:

  • Age
  • Gender neutral or otherwise
  • Job function and industry
  • Location

Going a layer deeper, exploring how you want your recipient to feel when they receive their BOXFOX will definitely set you apart and make a real impact. That will usually help us drill down on a theme for your box, whether it’s celebration, pampering, general thank you, essentials, or something else! All these factors are crucial when discussing your BOXFOX ask, and help us send you the perfect proposal on the first draft.


MEASURING ROI // So you’re interested in investing in a BOXFOX suite, but how do you convince your boss that it’s worth the investment? First, we suggest taking a step back and determining the goal of your gifting. Are you maintaining client relations, prospecting for new business, thanking employees for their hard work, or increasing attendance to an event? Once we pinpoint that, we can work with you to evaluate the ROI, strategize with you on how to achieve your gifting goals, and exceed your expectations! Need more convincing? Hear what BevSpot had to say about the work we did to launch their new restaurant management platform. “One prospect who received the box was so excited, it opened up a new conversation to get them set up for a large trial of our product. If that account becomes a customer, it's more than triple the ROI on the boxes—definitely a worthwhile investment!”

Ready to get started? E-mail concierge@shopboxfox.com to request a catalog and set up an introductory call today!

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