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For this week's #WCW: BOSSFOX blogpost, we bring you the Founder of Chic Celebrations, Gianna SanFilippo! We met Gianna this past Spring while collaborating for an event celebrating the launch of the Southland's very own Bay Clubs and we are now lucky enough to call her a friend. When it came time for the launch of her very own BEAUTIFULLY rebranded website, she wanted to let her network know in an effortlessly thoughtful way. That's just one of the many examples of how this planner gets personal, creating experiences that mean the world to her clients and building meaningful relationships along the way. Get to know this wedding planner extraordinaire, check out her brand new site here and follow her on instagram @chicwedding!

NAME: Gianna SanFilippo

HOMETOWN: Trabuco Canyon (South Orange County)

CURRENT LOCATION: Aliso Viejo, still South OC :)

Why did you start Chic Celebrations? I had been working in the corporate events sector, and I really loved getting to know my clients and designing personal experiences for them. I still love corporate events, but decided to branch into weddings and social events because they can tend to be so much warmer and more personal. I get to help tell a love story to their family and friends in one big celebration.

What do you love most about wedding planning? I love that no wedding and no client is exactly the same. I love getting to hear about a brides vision for creating the day of her dreams and then helping her create that. I love playing with the colors and textures that go into good event design. Seeing a group of people come together to celebrate the couple with good food and a good time is really special. And to get to do it over and over again, it’s the best!

Do you have a favorite wedding you’ve worked on? Oh I totally do, but I’ll never tell ;) They are all my favorites in their own way really. There is beauty to be found everywhere, but I am always drawn to a blank space that we get to make our own - those always hold a special place in my heart.

What inspires you?

In Life: My family. My daughter. She is a constant reminder to find joy in even the smallest accomplishments. Watching her see and experience things for the first time is magical.

In Work: I love things that aren’t “normally” found in event design and bringing them in. Pieces from your own home. Rocks or sand from a favorite hike or beach. Or that one time we created a mod-vintage living room in the middle of the desert.

What’s your favorite movie quote/scene? Ooooh. That’s tough. I love movies! There are some really obscure ones that I love quoting into conversations. But one of the best is Meet the Parents, the entire scene when they visit Kevin's (Owen Wilsons) house. I can watch it over and over.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Dessert. Always. After every single meal. I can’t help myself.

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