A BOX for every FOX // Summer Horoscopes

A BOX for every FOX // Summer Horoscopes

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Happy birthday to all the summer birthday babes! We are getting ready to celebrate our favorite Gemini, Cancer, and Leo ladies in the best way we know how- pool parties, rooftop brunches, and beach days. To make sure your summer is easy, breezy, and stress-free we have created a gift guide for all of the summer birthday girls- and we are bringing a little astrology into it. 

Horoscope Gift Guide

Summer Horoscope Gift Guide

G E M I N I // May 21 - June 20

Gemini have big personalities, many different interests, and often have two different sides to them. Give your favorite Gemini a gift that both sides of them will love. A corkscrew and shot glass for their social and life-of-the-party side, and a notebook and pens for when their serious and thoughtful side comes out to play.

W H A T '  S   I N S I D E

Viski // Gold Champagne Puller

W & P Design // Margarita Carry on Cocktail Kit

Sugarfina // Champagne Bubbles

Hay // Be Quiet! Earplugs

Rifle Paper Co. // Gold Foil Pocket Notebook

Le Pens // Two Black Pens

Gift Box for Summer Birthday

Gift Ideas for this Summer

C A N C E R // June 21- July 22

Cancer is family-oriented, emotional, and are often a homebody- putting a lot of time and effort into creating an environment of comfort. Give them a gift that will add to their beautiful home or help them make their next dinner party even more amazing than they already are! If you are celebrating their birthday with them- they consider you a very close friend. Don’t be surprised if the sentimental cancer tears up at this thoughtful gift!

W H A T '  S   I N S I D E

Dona Chai // 8 oz Chai Concentrate

Mast // Milk Chocolate

Mast // Mini Coffee Chocolate

The Little Market // Honey Drizzle

Rifle Paper Co // Champs De France Candle

Skeem // Large White Matches

Birthday Gifts Based On Zodiac Sign

Best Present for a Leo

L E O // July 23 - August 22

Leo's are leaders, go-getters, and "kings of the jungle" so to speak. They have all of the confidence in the world and people are naturally drawn to them with their great sense of humor and cheerful manner. Fill a Leo’s box with items that will fuel their hard-work and drive them to success. Yes, that means coffee. 

W H A T '  S   I N S I D E

Canvas Home // Shell Bisque Mug

Hay // Gold Coffee Scoop with Clip

Six Depot Roastery // Notes From the Underground Coffee

Bliss & Baker // Peanut Butter Crispie

Herbal Essentials - Lavender Towelette

Herbivore Botanicals // Coco Rose Lip Butter

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