A BOXFOX Guide to Los Angeles

A BOXFOX Guide to Los Angeles

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BOXFOX is proud to be located in Los Angeles, where we have both our offices and our fulfillment center (all under one roof!). While our HQ is nestled in a little pocket of the South Bay, our team is located all over the Los Angeles area and therefore is full of the best recs for every neighborhood and city within LA County. Check it out and let us know some of your favorite LA spots!

1. South Bay

South Bay guide by BOXFOX

Since this is where we're located, we know it well! Grab a coffee on your way to walk the strand, snag a table at one of our favorite restaurants for a great meal, and stop by our local dives for a margarita or Fanta shot to end the day!

2. Long Beach

Long Beach guide by BOXFOX

Head south down the coast for a cozy day of lunch, museum and aquarium hopping and a night cap. Truly such a cute town, and if you're in the neighborhood on the third Sunday of every month, check out the Long Beach Antique Market for unique finds, too!

3. Downtown

Downtown guide by BOXFOX

If you're not from LA, this is probably what comes to mind when you think of it. Explore the districts, get any type of food you can think of (hello Smorgasburg and Grand Central Market) and even squeeze in a show, game or concert if you can!

4. WeHo - Beverly Hills

WeHo guide by BOXFOX

Home of most of the trendy, fun and cool places you've seen on Instagram, a day in WeHo and Beverly Hills is a day well spent! If you've been following #Scandoval, you'll recognize many of these spots!

5. Malibu

Malibu guide by BOXFOX

 The truest form of beach culture, Malibu boasts of both private and public beaches, fresh seafood and laid back vibes. Grab a lobster roll and hit the sand!

6. Westside

West Side guide by BOXFOX

WeHo's chiller neighbor and the South Bay's younger sister, the west side is full of hole in the wall eats, drinks and dancing. Grab a sunset dinner, a drink, and a photobooth pic!

7. Eastside

Eastside guide by BOXFOX

What's cooler than being cool? The east side. Full of great food and great finds (they have the cutest little stores!), you can grab a slice, a glass of wine, and enjoy the east side!

8. Newport - Huntington

Newport - Huntington guide by BOXFOX

While not technically in LA proper, Newport and Huntington Beach share a special place in our hearts. Our team is known to spend quite a bit of time down south for a duffy ride or great meal with family and friends, so we had to include these spots, too!

9. The Valley - Pasadena

The Valley guide by BOXFOX

If you find yourself near the Rose Bowl, check out some of these local spots that are equal parts cute and cool. 

Coming to LA soon for a visit? Check out some of our favorite spots. Live near here but don't explore outside of your normal bubble? Look no further, we've compiled all our favorite places to eat, drink, and play!

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