A Word To My Mother

A Word To My Mother

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As a female-run business, we definitely attribute our empowerment to the women that came before us, women whom we admire and adore. The most important female figure in our lives is none other than the Queen Bee of the family empire, M O M. In anticipation of Mother's Day, our Foxes gushed about they love about Mom in the form of "A Word To My Mother," a tradition here at BOXFOX HQ. Because we really do love you, Mom. Mean it. 

Chelsea Moore // CEO + Co-Founder 

Janet Moore (my mother) is a legend. With each new year, I have an even greater understanding of just how much work she puts into our family. She has shown me (and my siblings) the true meaning of selflessness and generosity. It is through watching my mom I see the type of person I want to become and the type of partner I want to be. She is an ass kicker, getting anything and everything she needs done in a day. She has shown me you can give everything your all, always, often giving multiple projects and people 150% all the time, without being obsessed with making sure people notice. She never complains. She was and is always right, from calling out which middle school frenemies would end up total failures to strongly encouraging (begging) I get more involved in high school (and with that, life!). She's demonstrated an impeccable work ethic coupled with a strong sense for bullshit. She's inspired a healthy amount of self confidence in us alongside an even healthier amount of reality and self-awareness.  Most importantly, she has always encouraged a guilt-free independence without ever letting me feel alone. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Your children bow down to your greatness :)

Jenni Olivero // COO + Co-Founder


I feel so grateful to have such a strong, healthy, loving relationship with you. You never cease to amaze and inspire me with your boundless creativity. You have so many hobbies and interests that you throw yourself into full force —your pottery studio, knitting, the garden, your faith, and our town to name a few! I’m so lucky that your enthusiasm and imagination have rubbed off on me! With all your things & our giant family, you somehow make time for everyone and still think of absolutely everything. I don’t know how you do it all, but I try and find the same balance you do.  

With so much love, 

Your daughter Jennifer  

Sabena Suri // CSO + Co-Founder + Sonika Suri // Marketing Associate

Our mom is the epitome of grace and strength. For as long as we can remember, our mom has taught us the importance of resilience—no matter what curve balls life throws at you, consider yourself indestructible. There have been moments in both of our lives, good and bad in which we have tough decisions to make and a lot of learning to do, but rather than give up or take the easy route, we’ve persevered. Our mother has motivated us to keep pushing toward growing into the best women we can possibly be, from our work to our relationships and beyond. We believe our sisterhood is as strong as it is because we’ve grown up watching our mother pour her love into her relationship with her sister and beyond that, her friendships. Not sure how we were so blessed to call this woman our mother but we’re so glad we do.

Love you, Mom. XO.  

Claire Raymond // Business Development

When you’re growing up there are so many times you say to yourself “I’ll never be like my Mom!”. Now that I’m older (and hopefully a little wiser), I find myself more and more wishing I could be like her. She’s the kind of person who can make friends with anyone in the room. For example, in high school my best friends nicknamed her A-Dawg because she was one of the homies. She’s an adventurous soul—just ask her about the time she rafted the entire Grand Canyon—who always follows her gut and has taught me to do the same. One of her best pieces of advice is to never go into something thinking you already know how it will turn out. Having an open mind (and heart) will always trump overthinking things, and lead to more positive experiences overall. Word, Mom, word. 

Grace Olson // New Business Acct Executive

My mom is the most kick-ass, strong, and caring person I know. Not only did she make partner at Deloitte before turning 40, she did it working "part-time" (which in corporate America means working 40 not 60 hours a week) so she could raise me as a single mom. She's my role model in every sense of the word and I strive to be like her everyday. While our headstrong Aeries personas, ENTJ personalities, and Love Language of service could make for a daring clash in a mother-daughter relationship, I think it only makes us stronger because we really get each other's strengths and limitations. She's been by my side through every moment, big or small - middle-school mean girls drama, countless complicated doctor's appointments, hard breakups, that time my hamster escaped under the deck and I screamed bloody murder until my step-dad dismantled it, and difficult career decisions. I love you so much Mom! Happy Mother's Day from your favorite (only) daughter.

Rachel Hazell // Fulfillment Manager

My mom defines selflessness. She always makes sure that everyone around her is taken care of and fed. Well fed. Did I mention she’s a top chef? (Have you had her cheesecake?!) There’s never been a single time in my life that I didn’t know how much my mom loves me. She’s my biggest supporter, the first person I call, and my entire world. ILY MOM <3 

Janet O'Connell // Fulfillment Associate

My mother was the kindest, sweetest person you would ever want to meet. She taught me all of life’s greatest lessons including the importance of positivity, compassion, and generosity. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. She made me into the mother I am today and I miss her every day.   

Riley O'Connell // Fulfillment Associate

I won the mom lottery. My mom is the embodiment of perfect motherhood. When you’re young it can be hard to appreciate your parents, but looking back on my childhood (and still to this day), my mom has given 110% of herself to raise my siblings and I. I have my work cut out to be half the mom she was to me. 

Maddy Klineman // Fulfillment + Customer Service

As a self-proclaimed “mama’s girl” (sorry Dad), I really don’t need an occasion to sing my mom’s praises, and I do so to practically anyone that will listen. She’s a superhuman mother, who goes above and beyond for every task relating to motherhood and never fails to make all my friends jealous. She’s ingrained in me her deep love for the south of France, cooking, extensive food knowledge, baking, fine wine & beer. I can say without a doubt that I’m turning into her with each passing day, and I can’t say I’m mad about it. Love you Mom!

Olivia Derin // Fulfillment Associate

My mom’s first and middle initials are BA for a reason. When I was little I was constantly amazed at how she knew and could do EVERYTHING - she could host a dinner party for 20+ people, she could magically find whatever article of clothing I searched for endlessly with no luck, and she could make sure that my brothers and I always felt like the most important people in the world, no matter how busy she was. My mom taught me the importance of kindness, courage, authenticity, and showering others with love. Thanks for being my biggest role model, inspiration and bestie, Mama Bear. Happy Mother’s Day to my superhero of a Mom! XOXO!!

Nyla Gill // Corporate Fulfillment


Every time we go on vacation towards the end of the trip I always get sad because it is over, but my mom always makes my sister and I list three things that we are grateful for about the trip. She has always taught me to be grateful even when times seem tough. With all the craziness going on in the world it can sometimes seem hard to find positives in every situation, but she always seems to be able to. My mom has also taught me to always stand up for yourself and follow your dreams and experience the world. Thanks for always pushing me to do better and encouraging me to be the best version of myself. Happy Mother’s Mom! Xoxo

Madison Scott // Fulfillment Assistant

Mom, you are such an amazing person who always manages to make me smile even through life's toughest moments. You inspire me to be kind and understanding. Thank you for all you do for. You’re not only my mom, you’re also my best friend.

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