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Happy (belated) Fourth Of July! In lieu of this week's FOX Tale, we're sharing some favorite Fourth Of July memories from our foxes. Read on to see some of our fondest moments from the special holiday below. //

CHELSEA MOORE // CEO + Co-Founder 

My favorite Fourth of July memory is family and friends. It’s my favorite holiday because ironically, it's NOT a gifting holiday which lets me (and my team) truly unwind. It really is a time that people come offline to spend together. My family now hosts people (plus a few foxes) at our beach house and I look forward to it every year. Growing up, the country club in the middle of our neighborhood used to put on a Disneyland level spectacular, and even the year in high school where I worked at the grocery store all day, I rushed home just in time to see the fireworks!  


4th of July is my favorite holiday and it’s extra special to me because it’s also my best friend Kelsey’s birthday. My favorite 4th of July memories are shared with my family and best friends bbqing and of course at the beach!

SABENA SURI // CSO + Co-Founder

I’ve spent a few Fourth of July’s in Manhattan Beach. My good friend from college has a beachfront home there, so he’d round up a group of about 20 of us to celebrate the holiday together. Every year, he’d ask us to make something different, and my favorite was the year that I baked a cake from Ina Garten’s cookbook. I’d seen the cake while stalking my personal favorite, Taylor Swift on Instagram so I just had to make it. I remember everyone obsessing over it and wishing I’d made double. Definitely a proud moment for me, and a Fourth of July celebration I won’t forget.

CLAIRE RAYMOND // Business Development Manager

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday so I have too many fond memories to count. One of my favorite traditions in recent years has been joining one of my boyfriend's oldest family friends on their boat in Santa Cruz. For two weeks every year, they rent out a slip on the Santa Cruz harbor and invite family and friends to join them to celebrate the holiday. It's always a good time filled with good laughs, good food (freshly caught fish, mostly!) and strong margaritas!

GRACE OLSON // New Business Acct Executive 

In Danville, the Fourth of July parade is a huge deal - about 15,000 people from the Bay Area attend. Being on a swim team float circa 1999 was pretty much the coolest (I mean the hottest) thing ever, but I rocked my Old Navy flag t-shirt like it was going out of style! (Literally they go out of style really fast because you had to get a new one every year!)

SONIKA SURI // Marketing Associate 


My favorite Fourth of July memory was actually last year; While I typically spend the holiday with family, a group of close friends and I decided to plan a trip to Miami Beach instead. We spent the weekend at the beach, lounging under the sun with our toes dug deep into the warm sand. On the Fourth, we woke up early, got dressed up in our red, white, and blue colored suits, and claimed our beach chairs for the day. There were people passing out beads, fun hats, and lots of beachfront entertainment. As the sun set in the evening, the city put on fireworks that lit up the entire sky reflecting over the ocean. I remember laying on our cabana with my friends in awe, a memory I won’t ever forget!

JANET O’CONNELL // Fulfillment Associate

Growing up every Fourth of July my dad would put on a small firework show for my family and friends. When my husband and I started our family, we carried on the tradition and set off fireworks each Fourth of July with our kids and friends. Every year the fireworks show seemed to get bigger and bigger attracting more friends and even one year the police stopped by due to an accidental fire alarm -- whoops!

RILEY O’CONNELL // Fulfillment Associate

The Fourth of July is one of my top three favorite holidays. Each year my mom makes Pinterest worthy red, white, and blue snacks, fruit kabobs, and her signature Chinese chicken salad. The day is spent with friends playing drinking games and lying on the beach. And the night ends with fireworks and sparklers with a melancholy tone that we have to wait another year for one of the best days of summer.  

VIVIAN DER STEPANIAN // Corporate Production Manager

My favorite 4th of July memory was a few years ago when I spent the summer in New York with my best friend Kat. We were not cool enough to leave the city and go to the Hamptons for the 4th, but we went away to her family house in Connecticut. We took the boat out to watch fireworks. Nothing much better than open water, a killer margarita, fireworks and good company! 

NYLA GILL // Corporate Fulfillment Associate 

My dad lives on a lake in upstate NY, so every year we spend the day swimming, barbecuing and soaking in the sun. Then the best part of the day when the sun goes down and the fireflies start coming out is sitting by the fire making s'mores, playing with sparklers, and shooting off fireworks!

SARAH WERMERS // Marketing Intern

One of my favorite memories and traditions I have with my family on the 4th is watching the fireworks in one of our secret spots in my hometown of San Diego where we can see the colorful sparkles light up the sky from the Oceanside Pier all the way to La Jolla. 

Thanks for letting us share these moments with you, and remember to follow along on our Website and Instagram for more exciting moments inside the BOX(FOX)! 

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