Behind the Scenes // 5 Fast Facts with Sabena

Behind the Scenes // 5 Fast Facts with Sabena

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You know that one friend that is so good at being an adult that it makes you wonder if you will ever be on her level of put-togetherness? That is Sabena Suri, our COO and Co-Founder. Sabena is the woman we turn to for all things strategy, organization, planning, and life advice. When she is not hard at work at BOXFOX she is jet-setting between LA and SF to visit her sweet family. Honestly, this lovely lady does it all and we are seriously girl crushing. 

The COO and CoFounder of BOXFOX


What about BOXFOX are you the most proud of?

SABENA // The fact that we started in an apartment and now have a warehouse and a team. No, really. It’s kind of crazy to think we were just young, hungry, and had basically no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we started, but we’ve been able to grow organically in ways we wouldn’t have even dreamt of! It’s an amazing feeling to see that our crazy idea is something that other people have made a big part of the biggest moments of their lives.

What is your go-to desk snack?

SABENA // When I’m trying to be good, almonds, KIND bars, or fruit (favorites are oranges, grapes, and dried mangos). But somehow we’ve always got Cheeze-Its and chocolate cookies around BOXFOX HQ and...who can say no to that?

Guilty pleasure?

SABENA // Definitely gummy candy. I’m pretty sure I would eat Sugarfina Pineapples and Peach Bellini gummies for breakfast lunch and dinner if I could. I’m the girl who always has a sugar stash--at home, work, and even in my purse.

Favorite spot in Los Angeles?

SABENA // That’s a tough one! Los Angeles is my favorite place precisely because there are so many amazing places to go. Culturally, I love the Getty and the Hollywood Bowl. My favorite restaurant at the moment is   Gjelina - everything is literally amazing. My favorite neighborhood is Santa Monica, and I particularly love Montana on a Sunday morning. And I unapologetically love Sundays at the Bungalow. What can I say?

As COO of BOXFOX, what does a typical day look like?

SABENA // There truly is no typical day for any of us at this stage, which is one of my favorite parts of coming to work every day. One day, I could be thinking up a strategic partnership, the next could be working on a business plan for a new division of the company, and the next could be working with a corporate client to design the perfect suite of gifts. We wear so many hats, but that’s definitely how we like it!

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