A Gift Guide for the Wellness Girly

A Gift Guide for the Wellness Girly

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The BOXFOX Gift Guide for the Wellness Girlies

This gift guide is for the people on your list who prioritize self-care. It's for the girlies chasing that clean girl aesthetic. To them, wellness isn't just a resolution, but a lifestyle. If you're shopping for a wellness girly, you can't go wrong with any of these gifts! 

Gifts for the Wellness Girly:

1. The Towel by Crown Affair

What’s gentle on your skin isn’t always gentle on your hair. Case in point: your bath towel. This specially designed towel gently blots your hair to prevent frizz and breakage, and cuts drying time in half.

Wet hair is more prone to breakage, and the abrasive texture of a regular cotton towel can create further damage. Our Towel is made from a custom waffle microfiber that gently blots moisture from your hair and dries it in a fraction of the time. And because we know you’re busy, our patent pending design includes a unique shape to wrap all of your hair, and a secure elastic strap to keep things in place so you can live your life (and even sneak in that morning meditation) while it dries.

2. Yellow Market Tote by Junes

The Market Tote is the essential shopping bag, with longer handles for carrying tall greens, tall flowers, and taller things, in general.

This one’s ready to fill to the brim and beyond and comfortably throw over your shoulder. Two inside pockets contain the small stuff and preserve the organizational Zen. Now made exclusively in our sustainable Bio-Knit fabric.

3. Bangle Weight Set in Sea Blue by Bala Bangles

Based in Los Angeles, married couple Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz design bracelet-style weights that turn any activity into a workout. Supercolorful and uber-functional, their signature one-pound bangles come in a set of two and can be worn on the wrists or the ankles.

4. Just Breathe Bath Soak by Pursoma

Pursoma Just Breathe Ritual is a therapeutic French Grey sea salt treatment infused with refreshing natural essential oils that open up the sinuses, boost the immune system, and bring you back to yourself. Eucalyptus is known for strengthening the immune system and unblocking the nasal passage. Rosemary, Lavender, and Ginger root protect and soothe. Leaves the skin soft, the body relaxed, and the mind energized.

5. Groovy Glass Straws, Emerald Tones by NTBAB

Reusable glass straws are all the rage, so why not drink in style? These emerald tone groovy glass straws not only fight against plastic waste, but also add a fun pop of color and texture to those Instagrammable happy hour moments. Made with Borosilicate glass which is resistant to thermal shock.

6. Aloe Soothing Sheet Mask by LAPCOS

This Korean beauty face mask extracts your skin and creates a soft, stress-free feeling!

7. Slate Blue Porter Water Bottle by W&P Design

Upgrade hydration with the sleek, simple Porter Glass Water Bottle. Constructed from durable, lightweight glass with a protective silicone sleeve & twist-off cap, this reusable bottle is a sustainable swap for disposable plastic bottles & metal canteens.

8. Keep It Simple Body Lotion | Sage by The Commonfolk

The Commonfolk's Hand + Body Lotion offers Natural ingredients to nourish and refresh your skin naturally. With the use of natural vitamins this will intensely revitalize your skin and give back the moisture it needs! This lotion is especially helpful for people with skin problems such as eczema.

The Commonfolk's feel good images keep you inspired, make you smile and remind you to live in the now.

9. Nigerian Lemongrass & South African Palmarosa Beauty Butter by 54 Thrones

Fusing the depth of West Africa with the allure of East Africa, a majestic blend of Ugandan and Ghanaian Shea butter sets the foundation for our luxuriously creamy and silky smooth African body butter. Inside, a curated mix of African sourced oils unite to deliver an intense dose of nourishment and hydration. Avocado oil and Sweet Almond oil penetrate deep within to moisturize while a dose of Ghanian Baobab and Egyptian Jojoba oil rejuvenates your skin.

10. Glow Oil by Alo Yoga

A luxe, ultra-rich, rapid-absorbing elixir that deeply hydrates & locks in moisture for a visible glow. Vitamin C-rich amla — nature's most powerful antioxidant superberry, used for millennia in Ayurvedic healing — pairs with calming turmeric, soothing marula oil, aloe, avocado oil & potent botanicals to leave skin with a healthy, radiant glow. Apply anytime (especially after bathing) to body, face & hair ends.

Use this gift guide to BUILD a gift for the wellness girly.

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