Build the Perfect Graduation BOXFOX

Build the Perfect Graduation BOXFOX

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Your gifting reason: it’s graduation season! That’s right, class of 2019, after all the all-nighters in the library, running across campus to make it on time to class, group projects, and so much more, you’re ready for the real world. While it may seem daunting, have no fear, the BOXFOX team is here. We’ve curated gifting inspiration for the graduates in your life, courtesy of build a BOXFOX to make their transition into the real world absolutely seamless. Hats off to the grads!

 The Overprepared One

This is for the graduate who landed the job 3 months ago, already mapped out where they were going to be living, and most likely already has their wardrobe planned for their first week at the new job. We’ve curated not one, but two BOXFOXes for them (just to be prepared). With a Pinch Provisions Adulting Kit, a ‘Not Without My Coffee’ Thermos, Candle for their desktop, and so much more, they’ll be ready for their first day at work in no time.


Curation 1 // Wellness Planner

Voluspa // Prosecco Rose Mini Candle

HAY // Gold Pen  

Pinch Provisions // Adulting Kit

Curation 2 // Not Without My Coffee Thermos

Goodio // Chai Chocolate

Lapcos // Collagen Face Mask

Appointed // White Workbook

Le Pens // Two Orchid Pens

The Entrepreneur

For the friend looking to take the road less traveled and start something new, this one’s for them. Whether it’s a tech company in the Silicon Valley, an innovative fashion line, or anything and everything in between, we’ve curated a BOXFOX just for them. With Alex Banayan’s ‘The Third Door’ a young college students quest to crack the code on how the world’s most successful people started their careers, a Pinch Provisions marble tech kit, and so much more, they’ll be ready to launch their business in no time, no matter what it may be!


Alex Banayan // The Third Door

Corkcicle // Canteen

Voluspa // Mini Blond Tabac Candle

Vitruvi // Teatree Essentail Oil

Pinch Provisions // Marble Tech Kit

The Unemployed One

So graduation is around the corner and they’re freaking out because they have yet to land their dream job, or a job at all. That’s OK. We’ve all been there. Inspired by all things bright and sunshine, we’ve curated a BOXFOX that’s equal parts pamper and encouraging. With a candle and facemask to help destress them during their job search, and Jen Sincero’s ‘You Are A Badass’ to give them words of encouragement even during their darkest times, this BOXFOX is everything they need during this tough transition.


Jen Sincero // You Are A Badass

The Little Market // Lavender Candle

OUAI // Wave Spray

Missha // Honey Face Mask

Graduation is just around the corner, get to gifting while there’s still time!

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