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Behind every fiery FOX is an incredible father or father figure; The men who’ve taught us about our work ethic, staying ambitious yet humble, and most importantly, our self-worth. This month, we’re celebrating the main man in our lives, DAD! With Father’s Day in mind, team BOXFOX shared the best advice we’ve received from dad (plus adorable pictures) because prince charming or not, we’ve already gotten our King. Here’s to you, dad. //

Chelsea Moore // CEO + Co-Founder 

Everyone around BOXFOX knows my dad is my best friend (it's a tier guys, and he's a part of it). His selflessness and generosity is unparalleled, and something I appreciate more and more the older I get. He's taught me a lot of things (what good music sounds like, how to drive, etc.) but the most important thing my dad ever taught me was to let people off the elevator before I get on. It's a simple lesson that, as I get older, I find comes to really mean: be aware, have common sense and practice courtesy.  

Jenni Olivero // COO + Co-Founder

I always try my best to walk in my dad’s footsteps. One phrase he’s particularly engrained in me is “worst case scenario” because he is always ready for anything. From minimergencies to disaster preparedness, my dad always has a game plan, and of course batteries, duct tape, and multiple flashlights. He’s taught me to think ahead and be prepared. I think it’s also his way of pushing me to face my fears head on, and I’m grateful some of that has rubbed off on me. 

Sabena Suri // CSO + Co-Founder + Sonika Suri // Marketing Associate

One of our dad’s signature phrases growing up was “it’s time to make the donuts!!!!!” It sounds so random (I later discovered it was from this commercial in the 80s) but he would always exclaim it as he was waking us up super early for school or a family trip. It always annoyed us so much because he was such a morning person and we always wanted to sleep for about 4 more hours. But now that we've basically become our dad in more ways than one — including our love of mornings — We've realized what this corny little phrase truly meant. It's an affirmation that it’s time to get after it, not make excuses, no matter how big or small your job might be (donut maker? Entrepreneur? Doctor?) (It’s worth noting that my dad’s license plate is also “Snooze, You Lose” - another key Dr. Suri phrase. What can I say? The man loves mornings). 

Claire Raymond // Business Development

Rick Raymond: The #1 Dad with the #1 Piece of Advice
Don't make promises you can't keep. From a young age he taught me the value of doing what I say I'm going to do. Whether that's being on time or making and keeping plans, it wasn't until I was a post-grad that I truly realized the pure value of living by this mantra. Second, but still highly important life lesson: always keep your car clean. Jury's still out on whether I'm fully living by that piece of advice (sorry, Dad!) but I'll be the first to say he's right. 

Grace Olson // New Business Acct Executive


Three nuggets of advice I’ve learned from my dad, whether he lead by example or expressly told me them, have helped me grow up into the 20-something I am today. 1) Arriving 5 minutes early means you’re on time. Not only is this totally necessary in terms of LA traffic commuting, but arriving early shows that you respect whomever you’re meeting’s time. 2) Spending more for something quality is totally justified if you’re going to use or wear it often. Thus justifying our Nordstrom habit! 3) Marry your best friend. Will definitely take that into consideration Dad, but I’m not quite there yet! 

Janet O'Connell // Fulfillment Associate

The best advice my Dad ever gave me was mastering the art of reading a Thomas Guide. When I turned 16 he made sure each car in our house had the five pound book to ensure I would never get lost. Of course now there's Google Maps. 

Maddy Klineman // Fulfillment + Customer Service

One of my dad’s favorite lessons to teach us (he’s a teacher by trade and doesn’t really know how to turn it off) is that it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission, and it’s okay to break rules as long as you are prepared to accept the consequences. This applies to taking photos in museums where photos aren’t allowed (if you’re asking for forgiveness you’ve already gotten the picture!) or parking illegally and accepting you may get a ticket if you get caught. While he has had a long professional career, he doesn’t take life too seriously and loves to tell stories about all the rules he “bent” in college and as a teacher in the 60s. 

Olivia Derin // Fulfillment Associate

Choosing just one piece of advice that my dad has given me over the years is hard because he is the wisest man I know and constantly gives me the very piece of advice I need to hear in a given moment. One of my favorite pieces of advice though, came when I was preparing to embark on a solo backpacking trip through Europe when my dad reminded me of conversations we used to have when I was in high school centered around Henry David Thoreau's quote, "Only that day dawns to which we are awake." In conjunction with bringing this quote back up, my dad told me to "Enjoy every leaf, every smile, every old lady with a cane in a train station." While the old lady was a reference to a funny memory from a family vacation when I was much younger, the basic message my dad was leaving me with was to enjoy every little thing and every person that I encountered - because of this advice I kept my eyes and my heart open to everything and everyone that crossed my path on my journey, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and because of that I walked away with new friends and new memories that I would not trade for the world. Happy Father's Day to you, Pops. I love you more than you will ever know! XOXO!! 

Nyla Gill // Corporate Fulfillment Associate 

One thing my dad has engrained in me is to never sell myself short. Show the world that you’re priceless and be yourself. He has always told me to set my goals high and work hard and you’ll be rewarded. My dad has also taught me to never take anything for granted because life is too short, but at the same everything happens for a reason. Thanks for always pushing me to do better and making sure I never settle for anything less than what I deserve. Happy Father’s Day! Xoxo

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