FOX TALES // Best Friends, Krista and Isabel

FOX TALES // Best Friends, Krista and Isabel

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As a company that aims to create stronger relationships through our beautiful and personalized gifts, we were thrilled to meet Krista and Isabel, the cutest pair of best friends since Cher and Dionne.

We asked these Orange County besties to dish some dirt on their friendship so we could get to know them a little better! These two are attached at the hip, giving us some serious Meredith Grey and Christina Yang flashbacks and leaving us wanting to call our “person” and schedule a lunch date. Friendships like Krista and Isabel’s are the type of relationships that continuously inspire us to do what we do.

Tell us how you met each other.

KRISTA // We met working at Brandy Melville in Newport Beach!

ISABEL // I was new and my manager brought Krista over and introduced us.

KRISTA // We spent the rest of the day chatting away while I steamed the new clothing we had gotten in and Izzy worked the fitting rooms. We have been attached at the hip ever since!

What is the weirdest thing Isabel has done in public

KRISTA // The absolute weirdest thing Isabel has done in public is confidential...she would kill me. But, I feel like any time she does anything weird, I am right there next to her, doing the same thing.

ISABEL // We definitely are weird together.

KRISTA // We spend hours on end talking in southern accents, get “boogie fever” whenever we hear disco music, and wear fake reading glasses out to Benihana.

What would people not expect about Krista after meeting them?

ISABEL // I don't think people expect Krista to be as hilarious as she is because she always looks so put together and proper. She is by far the funniest person I know and we share the same weird sense of humor, as you can tell from her previous answer, which I don't think is something people would guess when they meet her for the first time.

What is the song that defines your friendship?

ISABEL // Closer by the chainsmokers for sure! Not for the lyrics but just because we have a fully choreographed dance that we made one day while sitting in traffic on our way to disneyland.

KRISTA // We still can't help but do the dance whenever it plays.

What is Isabel’s spirit animal?

KRISTA // A bunny because she's so nice and sweet! Or maybe a centipede...

ISABEL // Oh my gosh...WHAT?

KRISTA // I don't know! (laughing really hard) sometimes you open your eyes so wide that you remind me of an insect of sorts!

ISABEL // That is so messed up (both are cracking up at this point)

Where would Krista love to travel and what is the one thing she can’t leave behind?  

ISABEL // Definitely somewhere tropical in the Caribbean since she has been obsessed with the blue, warm waters ever since we got back from Bonaire- and she better not forget me!

What would Isabel’s dream pizza be topped with?

KRISTA // Freshly fried mozzarella balls!!

ISABEL // Definitely. That sounds amazing right now.

What movie gets Krista every darn time?

ISABEL // Krista loves her Disney movies!! Probably Beauty and the Beast or Finding Dory.

What would you put in each other’s BOXFOX?

KRISTA //  A Rifle Paper Co. // Rorschach Notebook set, a Voluspa candle, and Odeme // Cassavetes Nail Polish. Ooo and maybe a Vibes Keychain!

ISABEL // I love the Vibes Keychain, I would put that in Krista's box too. Along with the Drybar // Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler for her crazy long hair, a Rifle Paper Co. // Everyday Evelina Journal, and a Voluspa candle. 

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