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Quality, utilitarian, and beautiful products are at the heart of what BOXFOX is all about. We strive to bring you the best of the best, and that applies to everything from the product that goes inside your BOXFOX, right down to the box itself. We take a lot of pride in our packaging, and designed our BOXFOXES to be reused once emptied. That's why we put together this list of the 6 best ways to repurpose your BOXFOX in your home. If you're looking for ways to hide your clutter and make your home look beautiful on a budget, we've got your back.

S T O R E   P H O T O S ,   N O T E S ,   A N D   K E E P S A K E S  //

Instead of chaotically pinning them to your fridge with magnets your estranged cousin got you as a housewarming gift, store your photos, notes, and keepsakes in a repurposed BOXFOX box. With all your dearest memories in one place, you'll never lose that heartfelt letter your sister gave you when you moved away for school, the thoughtful card your grandma sent when you turned 18, or the little "hang in there” sticky notes your roommates leave for you on days when you were feeling down.

V I S I B L E   S H E L F   S T O R A G E  //

To replace The Drawer. You know what we’re talking about, the drawer in your living room that eats any pens, remote controls, lighters, safety pins, loose papers, or knicknacks that don’t have any otherwise defined home. Our keepsake boxes can double as beautiful and discreet storage for the miscellaneous.

H I D E   Y O U R   M A S S I V E   C D ,   D V D ,   A N D   V H S   C O L L E C T I O N  //

Every home has one, and while all logic points to throwing those fossils away (when was the last time you used a Walkman anyway?) we know there are some things you just can’t bear to part with – like the CD that your 8th grade boyfriend lovingly left in your locker during lunch one day (very romantic, lots of My Chemical Romance). However, if your ex-boyfriend’s creative abilities at all mimicked his taste in love songs, that homemade CD cover he drew for you probably isn’t quite up to par with the rest of your apartment decor. That’s where your repurposed BOXFOX comes in – to organize (and tastefully hide) your entire outdated home entertainment collection. The early 2000’s were rough, we’re here for you.

D R A W E R   O R G A N I Z E R //

Because when was the last time you could find the pair of earrings you wanted to wear without first having to sift through every bracelet, necklace, ring, and hair pin you’ve ever owned? Your repurposed BOXFOX is the perfect way to organize your drawers and simplify your life.

N A I L   P O L I S H   S T O R A G E  //

If you lived through the era of the Lizzie McGuire nail salon game on, you've been collecting nail polish since you were, like, 9, and you probably have an entire drawer in your bathroom dedicated to polish storage. Wouldn't it be nice if that drawer could be used for something else? Like the things you actually use and not your goopy rainbow sparkle polish from 2011? Try relocating your nail polish collection to a simple nude BOXFOX. It looks quite cute atop a vanity.

P O T   A   S U C C U L E N T   C E N T E R P I E C E  //

If you're feeling crafty, try potting a succulent centerpiece in your empty BOXFOX. Line the bottom of the box with cling wrap to prevent any water leakage, fill your box up with rocks, add a layer of cactus potting soil, and go to town potting as many succulents as you can fit. The neutral color of both our nude and black BOXFOX boxes pairs well with any colorful succulent combination that you choose.

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