Gift Guide // 5 Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas That Aren't Pink

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Your bridesmaids will be your lifeline these next 8-12 months leading up to your wedding. They will be there when you pick out your dress (and hopefully give you their brutally honest opinions). They will be the ones planning your bachelorette party and your bridal shower. They will be the girls who will convincingly smile and nod when you ask if they truly love their bridesmaid dresses. And they will be there with you in the bathroom on your wedding night, holding your dress above your head so you can pee without worry. These girls are the friends that you want standing right there next to you when you say “I do” to the love of your life.  

Bridesmaid Gifts that aren't pink

These amazing women will be doing a lot for you over the next year- and if you are asking them to be your bridesmaids- they already have done a lot for you. When it comes time to pop the question and ask your best girl friends to be your bridesmaids, you will want to do it in the most thoughtful way, and while we love a handwritten letter or a beautiful candle...why not do both and then some? A personalized, hand picked gift box with all of the things your bridesmaid-to-be loves is the ultimate way to not only ask your girlfriends to be your wedding support system, but to let them know how much it means to you.

When thinking bridesmaids, everyone usually thinks pink and all things girly, and while we love pink for bridesmaid gifts (Example A), not all bridesmaids are made the same. Show your ladies that you know them better than anyone (you are asking them to be your bridesmaids after all) and venture beyond the realm of “precurated” and wander into “build a BOXFOX,” where all of your wildest BOXFOX dreams can come true. Don’t know where to begin? We won’t leave you hanging. We have the perfect gift box ideas for you and all of your ladies!

                Best Gift Guide for BridesmaidsHow to ask your bridesmaids

Be my bridesmaid gift ideas

For the friend who just spent 3 hours driving downtown because she was craving a macaron from Bottega Louie…This lovely lavender BOXFOX is perfect for her. Filled with all things delicate and pastel, including two adorable macaron limoge trinket boxes from Chambre Du Sucre.

Nautical Bridesmaid Gifts

For your friend that wears pearls to football games…You know the one. This is your sweetest and most loyal friend who still talks about her 4 years at ‘bama like it was yesterday. This Vineyard Vines loving southern sweetheart will adore this BOXFOX.

Gift Guide: Asking Your Bridesmaids

For your friend whose home looks like it could be in a magazine…She will obsess over the color scheme of this box. We can already picture her new Voluspa candle and Vitruvi Face and Body Mist perfectly lined up on that gorgeous vanity in her room. Ugh how did she become so good at being an adult?

Creative and Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

For your most driven friend who is making serious moves in the corporate world…I mean she was voted most likely to succeed in high school. We know she will be inspired by Paul Arden’s book and definitely put this address book to good use. 

Bridesmaid gifting ideas

For your friend who always knows about underground concerts and events and you don’t really understand how...With an iridescent tray, a mini little hourglass, topped with a gold coffee scoop- it is the perfect “cool” girl box.

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