Gifting Spotlight: Corporate Events Inspiration

Gifting Spotlight: Corporate Events Inspiration

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For us, summer is synonymous with corporate events season. As the days get longer we're more and more excited to work with clients of all sizes on a corporate gifting strategy that fits perfectly into the agenda--whether it's for a corporate retreat, movie premiere, sales club kickoff, or annual conference. 

Gifting can often be left for last, but we're here to help you square it away in tandem to all the other important projects you've got going on. That way, it feels like just another strategic part of the entire events package. 

Whether you're looking to give attendees something thematic, functional or luxurious, we can work with you to create something completely unique to your event. Need a little bit of inspo? Here's some of our recent faves to help you feel inspired for any upcoming events you've got planned. 

Nike Corporate Retreat Gift 
The Ask: Nike wanted kick off their executive leadership team offsite in LA with a food-centric gift that would wow from the moment it was opened. 
The Answer: And health-food themed welcome gift that brought together the most delicious, guilt-free snacks that the City of Angels has to offer. 
The Details: Drawing on LA favorites like Rhythm Superfoods and Four Sigmatic and up-and-comers like SkinTe and Kalumi collagen bars, this next-level care package left every executive satisfied—and craving more. 
Aveda Influencer and Press Mailer
The Ask: Aveda wanted to use sleekly packaged, creative curations to help drive excitement and social engagement for the brand's three most iconic shampoo scents. 
The Answer: An *eco-friendly* and thematically curated social mailer, full of useful and premium products inspired by the three key scent signatures.
The Details: Drawing on the color profiles of the bottles and the main ingredients in each aroma, the team used ethically sources and sustainable products like Eat Chic, Ettitude and Stojo to emphasize Aveda's desired messaging.
Workday Sales Club Incentive Trip
The Ask: Workday wanted a fun way to reach out to its 2019 Sales Club attendees to provide pertinent travel information and drive pre-trip excitement for their trip to the Bahamas. Branding was also an important factor!
The Answer: A functional curation of travel-centric items meant to be used from take-off through landing, on the island and back at home.
The Details: Elevated travel essentials that go the extra mile mixed with items that pay homage to the final destination.
MGM Movie Premiere Gift 
The Ask: To generate buzz + excitement for The Hustle film starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, Brigade wanted a box that would get influencers talking (and more importantly, ‘gramming) at a promotional event.
The Answer: A gilded gold gifting suite that was equal parts thematic and event-appropriate, with elements to spice up the event and keep the conversation going long after the confetti was swept up.
The Details: The BOXFOX Concierge team went full 24k on this one, bringing together a gold Pop Socket (perfect for selfies!), a Sugarfina Rose Gold swizzle stick for *a moment*, a gold corkscrew wine opener, and some chic ivory and gold playing cards. 


Want to get started on your next event? We'd love to learn more. Reach out to to get started today.

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