Inside the BOX(FOX) with Grace

Inside the BOX(FOX) with Grace

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Meet Grace: The Bay Area bred Bruin. When she's not busy making our Corporate clients happier than ever as an essential part of our Sales team, you can find her boxing at the gym, watching the Warriors, or spending quality time with her best friends (many of whom are our Foxes!). Having grown up as the ultimate Warrior's fan, Grace keeps our warehouse updated on all things basketball, albeit biased. 

Read on to get to know the sassy, sarcastic yet sweet Grace and why we’re so lucky to have her on our team!

Complete the sentence with three adjectives; My coworkers would describe me as: 
Sarcastic, Hungry, Enthusiastic
Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 
I almost took a quarter off from UCLA to be on America's Next Top Model! Good thing I didn't - CEO Chelsea can attest that I am the most awkward human ever in front of the camera during BOXFOX photoshoots.
What brought you to BOXFOX?
I met Chelsea and Jenni in our sorority Kappa at UCLA - Chelsea was my big sister and Jenni my pledge mom. After they graduated, they had told me they started a company with Sabena and I was super intrigued, impressed, and supportive. (One time before their first Valentine's Day, I ditched class to write notes at their Venice apartment!) It wasn't until their first press interview that they told me I was a partial inspiration for the company! I had been hospitalized with pneumonia and Chelsea wanted to send me a gift, but didn't want to send flowers or a generic Amazon package. She realized a hole in the marketplace, roped Jenni and Sabena in, and the rest is history! I knew that after I graduated I wanted to work for them, and was the second official hire, getting to expand the corporate side of the business through my skills of sales and project management. Thank goodness for that bout of pneumonia and my smart, innovative friends for employing me!
Describe your role and what a typical work day looks like for you.
I am part of the sales team at BOXFOX and in charge of large corporate orders! A lot of my day is spent talking to clients about our custom offerings and managing their order. I start off work checking my e-mails, then I'll update myself on my order statuses. We do a team stand-up meeting every morning, then I usually take a few inquiry calls throughout the day and create proposals for potential clients. I'll typically try to coerce someone to go to Mendocino Farms with me for lunch (or second lunch), and take a break by helping pack a box or two. Later I'll make sure all the inbound product for my orders is on track and everything is scheduled to be fulfilled so that the client receives their boxes! It's a great balance of expressing my creativity in proposals and packing, while also maintaining structure and order to make sure the entire corporate order runs smoothly!
What's the most rewarding part of working for BOXFOX?
I love the feedback we get from clients after a huge order. Whether its a wedding client thank you gift, a retreat gathering welcome gift, or end of year holiday gift, our client's recipients are always so wowed and impressed. It's nice to hear this direct recipient and client feedback because not only do we feel that we made a difference in their company's relationships, but we know we did a great job curating and executing their order from start to finish!
What do you enjoy doing when you're not at the Warehouse?
I love working out - boxing in particular is my favorite because you get the most bang for your buck, and you can really punch away the stress! If not you'll find me in my bed binge watching a show or at the beach. 
Any favorite podcasts, books, or TV shows right now?
Podcasts: I listen to The Daily every morning when I get ready and I love Getting Curious by Jonathan Van Ness
Books: Anything by Reese Witherspoon's book club - I loved The Light We Lost, Something in the Water, and am almost done with Next Year in Havana. Next up is Crazy Rich Asians!
TV Shows: I just finished Ballers and am deep into Insecure right now. Jenni and I also watch old Master Chef Junior episodes almost every night!
PS. If you're interested in joining our FOX Family, we're hiring for Corporate Fulfillment! Email: to apply! 

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