fyi // How To Make The Best Margarita Ever

fyi // How To Make The Best Margarita Ever

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What is your go-to drink? Mine is, without a doubt, the margarita! Whether celebrating Cinco de Mayo or not, the margarita will make your taste buds buzz. The perfect margarita is not too sweet and not too sour and people, often times, put salt or sugar on the rim of the glass to add even more flavor to this already flavorful drink! 

A bonus? Apparently, tequila can actually be good for you. It helps lower blood sugar and helps fight cholesterol! Plus, it chills you out, especially on a long flight!

Now to the fun stuff: How to make the B E S T margarita ever... ON THE PLANE! Yes, I said it! You can make the most delicious drink high up in the sky!

W & P Design // T H E  M A R G A R I T A  

This kit includes the tools to craft two Margarita cocktails mid-flight, including small-batch margarita syrup and rimming salt.

W H A T ' S  I N S I D E  T H E  K I T //

- Carry On Tin

- Recipe Card

- Bar Spoon

- 1/2 oz. Jigger

- Margarita Syrup

- Rimming Salt

- Linen Coaster

The alcohol is not included, but never fear, flight attendants know exactly what tequila to give ya in order for you to get your buzz on! 

S T E P # 1 // 

Procure a mini-bottle of tequila, a cup of ice, a lime wedge, water, and an empty cup. 

S T E P # 2 // 

Follow opening instructions on the rimming salt packet, and then wet the edge of the empty cup with lime and roll the cup in rimming salt to garnish it. 

S T E P # 3 // 

Using the jigger, measure 1/2 oz of margarita mix and 1 & 1/2 oz of water and pour into the cup of ice.

S T E P # 4 // 

Add mini-bottle of tequila, then stir for 10 seconds to combine.

S T E P # 5 // 

Pour the cocktail into the salt-rimmed cup, and garnish the cup with the lime.

S T E P # 6 //

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!

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