Summertime Binge-Watching

Summertime Binge-Watching

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Summertime, feeling fine, Netflix, and…wine!

The truth is, while our foxes aren’t working their tails off in the warehouse and it’s too hot to go outside, you’ll probably find them unwinding with some good old-fashioned television. Because hot weather sometimes calls for staying in the air-conditioned confines of your cozy apartment.

We’re giving you the BOXFOX television guide for staying inside, complete with what all of our foxes are watching this summer. //

Chelsea Moore // CEO + Co-Founder 

The Crown

Jenni Olivero // COO + Co-Founder

Masterchef Junior

Sabena Suri // CSO + Co-Founder + Sonika Suri // Marketing Associate


Claire Raymond // Business Development

Glow Season 2

Grace Olson // New Business Acct Executive

Jane The Virgin

Vivian Der Stepanian // Corporate Fulfillment Manager

Sharp Objects

Rachel Hazell // Fulfillment Manager

Real Housewives of NYC

Janet O'Connell // Fulfillment Associate

ER on Hulu

Brooke Cavins // Fulfillment Associate

 Zumbo’s Just Desserts

Maddy Klineman // Fulfillment + Customer Service


Olivia Derin // Fulfillment Associate

The Bachelorette

Nyla Gill // Corporate Fulfillment

Teen Mom

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