Pink sparking rose tin candle lit next to dusty pink roses.
Pink sheet mask packaging that reads "PEARL BRIGHTENING LAPCOS"
A girl laying in bed with her head on a white pillow and a pink silk sleep mask over her eyes.
Hand holding empty pink glass mug.
Square box packaging for the Happy Place pathology happy place under eye gels. Box is white with light pink background and purple text.
Pink sheet mask packaging that looks like a juice container. Has pink text on it
Pink notebook with red and cream colored gridded stripes.
Four pink bullet pens on white background.
Blossom Ceramic Mug held by girl in cozy scene.
A clear purse with white lining and a white beaded bag strap with rainbow beaded stars along the length of the strap against a white background
Girl wearing a cream colored sweater with a clear crossbody purse draped down her side. The purse has pink lining around the edge and a pink purse strap. Inside the bag is a travel size Herbivore rose face spray, a pink silk scrunchie, a tube of brown Summer Fridays lip gloss, and a small white card wallet.
Two pink fuzzy socks on white background.
A caucasian hand with beige painted nails holding a single Rosé Hydrating Under Eye Gel. Photographed on white background.
Two rose otto macaron candles, one open with the lid leaning against it, and one closed.
A clear purse with light pink lining and a white beaded bag strap with hot and light pink cowboy hats along the length of the strap against a white background
Pink Squiggle Hair Clip on white background
Large pink glass candle jar with gold and pink tin leaning against it.
Femmue Rose Sleeping mask spread out with whipped display
blush porter wine cup on a white background.
A matte blush pink insulated mug with silver drip guard insert leaning on right side.
A set of two wavy pink acrylic hair barrettes against a white background.
Two pink thick silk scrunchies on white background.
Pink notebook with "Note to Self" written in gold foil across the top. Dark band is wrapped across notebook.
White and pink bottle of cocktail mix.
Square, light pink envelope with graphic of two clinking, bubbly rosé glasses. Text on packaging reads,"patchology Serve Chilled Rosé Sheet Mask -Strawberry Extract -Resveratrol -Hyaluronic Acid 1 Mask 28ml 0.95fl. oz". Photographed on white background.
A girl with blonde hair in an updo wearing an XL matte baby pink claw clip against a white background.
A pink cosmetic bag with white terry cloth letters spelling out "STUFF" on a white background.
Shell vase with single pink peony.
Two Pink Mini Flower Hair Clips in packaging on white background
A pair of light pink fuzzy slippers on a white background.
A woman wearing light blue jeans with light pink fuzzy slippers on her feet up against a white brick wall.
Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener on pink "Yeehaw" card, resting on white background.
light pink tea sachet against white background with turmeric tea sachet next to it.
A blush pink envelope with lip graphic on middle with silver geometric print inside. Text on packaging reads, "Patchology Flashpatch Hydrating Lip Gels 1 patch". Photographed on white background.
House-shaped cardboard box tea packaging, held by a hand with a ring and tattoo on the wrist.
Small white ceramic dish filled with pink and yellow gummy bears.
Red + White Cookie mix box on white background with "Meli's" text and photo of chocolate chip cookie
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