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Lit candle in white glass vessel surrounded by eucalyptus.
girl on tippy toes wearing green socks
Minty White Tea For Two - BOXFOX
Moso Bamboo glass jar candle with tin lid off to the side, resting on green gingham paper with baby's breath to the side.
A light green resealable plastic bag with white text that reads, "Fresh Lemongrass Body Polish Moisturizing Exfoliant" photographed on white background
Two thick sage green srunchies.
Sage Collapsible Pocket Cup 12 oz - BOXFOX
Green and white vertically stripped notebook. Whit box on right hand side with texts that says "notebook Dotted Sheets by Notem"
101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think - BOXFOX
A white ice roller with an tan-orange colored skön logo on the handle sitting atop a cream colored box that says "skön the ice roller" against a white background
A woman with dark brown hair wearing a white plush spa headband and an oatmeal colored robe while she looks in the mirror.
Clear hand sanitizing spray on white background with eucalyptus branch off to the side.
Four gold bullet pens on white background.
French Cade Lavender Medium Glass Jar Candle - BOXFOX
A woman holding a gold whisk while it drips white vanilla frosting into a blue bowl.
A woman wearing a green dress with an oatmeal colored kitchen apron. She is holding a tray of sugar cookies in a kitchen.
Pizza Dough Mix - BOXFOX
Candle in large light green glass jar with teal and gold lid tilted beside it.
Candle in light green jar with teal and gold floral lid.
A woman's hand dipping a gold acorn tea infuser into a light grey ceramic mug holding hot water. Next to the mug is Art of Tea Pacific Coast Mint tea in a tin.
House-shaped tea box in green with a tea sachet outside and to the right of the box.
clear soap bottle with white pump. has green text on the front
Small white candle with green and gold patterned lid tilted against the candle.
Top view of the clear-white geometric Milk Rose Macaron Candle on a white background.
Girl wearing white shirt with pearl and chain necklace
Young black woman holding up ESW Matcha Almond Milk Radiance Plant-Based Milk Sheet Mask in front of face
Heavy Base Crystal Martini Glasses next to shaker, jigger, peeler and lemon twist
Plush Dog Toy Coffee cup on white background
Green glass candle vessel with a floral design embossed all around it. Candle is lit. Lid is metal with the floral print printed on it
Herbs Swedish Dishcloth - BOXFOX
A Caucasian woman's hands hold olive green linen journal with "RECIPES" embossed in gold on center right over white table that also holds uncapped gold pen, marble platter with cake and silver serving knife and glass cup.
Petite CZ Bracelet on wrist with other bracelets
Leather Coasters, Set of 4 - BOXFOX
Rattan Bottle Opener on white background
Honey dipper in honey pot on tablescape.