Free People maroon beanie on model
Burgundy wine sleeve with black le crest logo at the bottom. Inside wine sleeve is a bottle of wine with gold foil at the top
Blume Oat Milk Chai Blend
light purple mug with le cresset logo at the bottom
Square box packaging for the Happy Place pathology happy place under eye gels. Box is white with light pink background and purple text.
Magenta square box with white text on the front. Text reads "NCLA Beauty Sugar, Sugar Black Cherry All Natural Lip Scrub". Has a small cherry illustration under the name
Square, light purple envelope with graphic of the Bubbly Hydrogel Face Mask on the right side. Text on packaging reads,"patchology Serve Chilled Bubbly Hydrogel Brightening Face Mask -Orange Extract -Niacinamide -Resveratrol 1 Mask 30g 1.058oz". Photographed on white background.
shades of purple in an abstract pattern on lavender & lime hand cream. Picture shows tube of hand cream with white cap next to box with matching pattern
A woman's hands holding a Purple Speckled Nordic Mug over a purple and white checkered plush blanket.
pastel purple square packing with white and dark purple text. A yellow eye patch gels printed on it with bubbles on top of them.
purple birthday cake body scrub with slices of birthday cake next around it
Purple package for sheet mask that reads "COLLAGEN FIRMING LAPCOS"
A lavender faux fur pom on a set of house keys. Photographed on a white background.
Purple facemask tube standing on blue and pink background
front cover of lavender and white checkered notebook
set of shower lavender and lime purple shower steamers. Box  has pink and purple shapes on it
Neon purple coffee mug with lid to match. Mug has black corkcicle logo towards the bottom
A girl wearing white slippers with orchid smiley faces on them. Her legs are up against a white brick background.
A pair of orchid smiley face slippers on a white background.
Bag of bath salts with purple + orange + pink art work
White ceramic mug with handful of periwinkle pens inside.
Image shows the Rainbow Connection Bubble Bath Soak which features a purple and periwinkle bag with a rainbow in the center and clouds surrounding the rainbow, all on a white background.
magenta colored square box. Has embossed leaves with snake in the middle on the top half. Bottom half has onyx coffee embossed. Top of box has yellow text with coffee name