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white memo pad with the word "memo" printed in gold foil at the top. Around the borders of the page are blue peacocks and blue flowers with greenery
black glass candle with pink label in the center. label has black text on it
matte gradient glass tumbler with metallic "rose gold" label
shiny red tin small round candle lit. lid is off to the side
Red box with red bubbly candle next to it. Candle has white text
clear soap container with gray text printed on it
pastel colored tea sachet with. varies hues of purple, blue & green. next to it is a tea bag
Jade green ripple glass with water on table
sage green ombre glass candle with white text
Dusty blue coin purse
blue and white striped dog bandana
Tote hanging in tree reading love you mean it
beige sachets with purple circle on the bottom left corner
light pastel red box with brown illustrated caramels printed all over it. Box has white rectangle on the front with text listing product name and company
tan bamboo sushi mat on speckled plate
wick rectangular insulated lunch box with zipper
glossy black glass candle with pink label on it. pink label has black text
Black Checkered Plush Slippers | Size 9-10 - BOXFOX
Black Checkered Slippers | Size 7-8 - BOXFOX
Black wine cooler sleeve with black le crest logo on the bottom. Sleeve has wine bottle inside with yellow foil
glossy black candle vessel with pink label on the center
deep forest green with slight blue undertones colored mug. has le creuset embossed towards the bottom
Felt baby bottle ornament
slate blue and navy blue colored pacifiers
green pacifier next to blue pacifier. pacifier has rope like texture embossed along the edges and on the handle
Mini Dinosaur Kingdom Stickers - BOXFOX
white footsie pajamas for Abbies with grey tiny printed bunny all over the pajama. Pajama has grey stitching hear the armpits
Red vertically striped baby footsie pajama. Pajama is white with a zipper running through the middle
cream footsie pajama for babies. Pajama has brown little fawns printed throughout it. Has brown stitching near the armpits and a zipper running through the middle
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light brow fuzzy booties. back of booties have beige mushie tag. booties have velcro strap in the front
mini hot coco crunch popcorn
silver coffee bag with black text and pink accents
green coffee bag
multi colors journal with hands illustrated on the cover
multi colored cover for creativity journal