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Watermelon Overnight Lip Mask - BOXFOX
A woman's hand touching the slipper on her foot which is white with red hearts on it. her feet are resting on a plush pink carpet.
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Icy Blue Claw Clip
mint lip balm surrounded by scoops of mint chip ice cream
Girl with brunette hair wearing Blue Satin Padded Headband
Stack of four Sugarfina Celebratory Champagne Bubbles cubes to the right and a champagne flute filled with the champagne bubbles to the left.
Breeze Block Ice Pack on "snow" in front of blue background.
A girl with dark brown hair sitting in a shower using a mineral blue scalp massager on her scalp.
A teal ripple glass on a white background.
Circular iridescent packing of Diamond eye gels.
Sparkling Wine Gummies - BOXFOX
yellow and blue packaging for hand cream
Girl with dark hair working The Yellow Fizz | Fuzzy Claw Clip
sage green ombre glass candle with white text
Peach glass candle jar with pink and gold tin lid leaning against it.
cocokind Rosewater Toner
A clear purse with white lining and a white beaded bag strap with rainbow beaded stars along the length of the strap against a white background
Sparkling Rosé Bears - BOXFOX
rose gold lash curler laying on white surface
House-shaped cardboard box tea packaging, held by a hand with a ring and tattoo on the wrist.
round Pink scalp massager
Bubblegum Pink Claw Clip
Cowboy Boot Bottle Opener on pink "Yeehaw" card, resting on white background.
lip scrub surrounded by grapefruit
black glass candle with pink label in the center. label has black text on it
A girl with blonde hair in an updo wearing an XL matte baby pink claw clip against a white background.
pink lip balm tube with pink gloss swatch behind it
Light pink glass candle jar with pink and gold tin lid leaning against it.
A set of two wavy pink acrylic hair barrettes against a white background.
A pink cosmetic bag with white terry cloth letters spelling out "STUFF" on a white background.
A clear purse with light pink lining and a white beaded bag strap with hot and light pink cowboy hats along the length of the strap against a white background
A girl laying in bed with her head on a white pillow and a pink silk sleep mask over her eyes.
silk rose scrunchie in blonde hair
hand with pink painted nails holding nail polish bottle
A double-walled light pink rippled glass standing upright shot against a white background.
Bubbly Bears - BOXFOX
A woman wearing light blue jeans with light pink fuzzy slippers on her feet up against a white brick wall.
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A caucasian hand with beige painted nails holding a single Rosé Hydrating Under Eye Gel. Photographed on white background.
Jade green ripple glass with water on table
Two thick sage green srunchies.
Minty White Tea For Two - BOXFOX
A woman wearing a white spa headband using an opalite stone gua sha on her jawline.
A woman with long wavy brown hair using a sage green scalp massager to massage the back of her head.
Sage green claw clip on book.
Tote hanging in tree reading love you mean it
A girl crossing her legs wearing brown fuzzy slippers against a white background
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A girl with short brown hair wearing a cream sweater and a brown sherpa teddy bucket hat. She is standing facing a white brick wall and the photo is taken from the waist up.
A girl with brown hair in a low bun wearing a brown sweater and brown long wool coat standing in front of a white and brick background wearing brown tortoise rectangle sunglasses.
A double-walled amber orange rippled glass standing upright shot against a white background.
birthday cake lip balm surrounded by cake
Lilac Claw Clip
Girl with dark brown hair wearing a purple and white mini square claw clip against a white background
rose peteal ice cream macaron candle with D cube pattern in a deep pink/purple color
An oatmeal colored plush bath robe on a white background
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Evil Eye Bracelet - BOXFOX
A gold beaded stretch bracelet with white beads that have gold text reading "B" "A" "B" "E" to spell out "BABE." Photographed against a white background.
glossy black glass candle with pink label on it. pink label has black text
Black Checkered Plush Slippers | Size 9-10 - BOXFOX
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A woman with brunette hair pulled into an updo, secured with a clear acrylic half moon claw clip. She is standing in front of a white brick wall.
Black glass jar candle with gold detail. Lid rests on top.
A woman with sage green nails holding a white ballpoint pen with a fake diamond on the tip encased in silver prongs
night cream container with "moonmilk" written on it on a marble countertop
multicolor scalloped hair clips
light yellow claw clip
purple floral makeup bag embroidered with the same "Sarah"