The Best Holiday Corporate Gifting Solution 2023

The Best Holiday Corporate Gifting Solution 2023

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The Best Holiday Corporate Gifting Solution 2023

Have you or someone you care about been personally victimized by having your company's gifting 100% on your shoulders? Your time is valuable - let BOXFO handle your corporate gifting!

Why Partnering with BOXFOX for Corporate Gifting Will Ultimately Save You Money!

Outsource your corporate gifting with a hands on, experienced team you can trust.

It's a tale as old as time, gifting has to get done, and it is likely to be a responsibility handed to someone, piled on top of an already robust list of responsibilities. Not only does this responsibility take away from their job’s core duties and waste precious time, but the inefficiencies of doing it yourself will waste time and money.

Pay Attention to Pricing

When projecting the DIY costs, are you really factoring in the total costs of taking on the project internally? 

  • Emails, meetings, and Zooms spent back and forth between teams, often with far fetched and conflicting ideas for the gifting concept
  • Time reaching out to multiple vendors for product, packaging, and customization, especially with the back and forth of trying to get reduced pricing 
  • Over or under ordering by having to adhere to vendor’s case minimums
  • The small costs you don’t think about: printer ink and paper for shipper labels, tape and tape guns, ribbon, packing crinkle, cards, scissors, post-its, dollies, etc.
  • Taking over a conference room for a week or more to physically pack the gifts, thereby inconveniencing your teams’ day-to-day operations
  • Trips to shipping carrier, possibly multiple carriers if shipping internationally or to a PO box, including the physical labor of unloading and loading boxes in personal vehicles
  • Employee’s overtime and after hours costs to concept and execute gifting vision
  • Decreased team morale and productivity during busy Q4 and EOY when they have to focus on additional projects outside of their typical scope

It’s often cheaper, more creative (and honestly, more fun!) to partner directly with a third party to achieve your gifting goals!

pictures of different boxfox corporate curations in various mailers and shippers

BOXFOX’s pricing is clear, transparent, and budget friendly.

  • We charge an Agency Fee and Production Fee on the cost of goods for all B2B projects. The agency portion covers the project management of your order, including the concepting and presentation of multiple gift box options, while the production portion includes the physical execution of ordering, packing, and sending your gifts. This is only applied to the physical goods you are purchasing, and is not on top of shipping or sales tax!
  • When you receive your custom proposal, we include a Pricing Table that line items each individual cost for the multiple gift box options we present, making it easy to decide on which gift you’d like to move forward with.
  • We work backwards to concept your gift with whatever your total box budget is so that we are right on target, every time.

Our customers often calculate the monetary value of their efforts and compare it to our agency and production fees to justify outsourcing. Not only is BOXFOX the better value, we use our expertise of nearly 9 years in business to create and execute on the best gifts possible!

Why wouldn’t you want to spend less and utilize the best? Reach out to BOXFOX to be your gifting partner today!

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