The Perfect Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids Before or Day Of

The Perfect Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids Before or Day Of

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

Want to gift something to your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding to thank them for their support during your wedding planning and bride era?

Look no further! Gifting your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding might seem extra, but there are ways to make gifting a small gesture go a long way.

When deciding what to gift bridesmaids on the day of your wedding, we have three main pillars we judge all gifts by:

1. Is it useful, practical and utilitarian?

2. Is it personal?

3. Is it aesthetic, pretty, and of the moment?

Not to brag, but we think the list below gives GREAT ideas that check all three requirements off your list. Not to mention - do what's right for you!! Want to just do a one-off item with a handwritten note? A bundle of goodies or a curated, custom gift box? Do what you want, what fits your relationships and go forth. It truly is the thought and intention that count. 


Woman in gold jewlery

Show off their style with this stunning Five Coin Necklace! Crafted from gleaming gold, this special keepsake is sure to turn heads. Showcase their unique personality with this stylish piece of jewelry!


Rosé Hydrating Under Eye Gels

Say cheers to our favorite dry skin solution with these hydrating, bubbly, and perfectly pink Rosé eye gels. Formulated with antioxidants Resveratrol (from grapes!) and Strawberry Extract to help protect from environmental stressors-which can lead to early signs of aging, and Hyaluronic Acid for a megadose of hydration. 



Orchid smiley slippers

Looking for some cozy and cute style? Orchid Smiley Plush Slippers are just the thing for you! Slip 'em on, get comfy, and have some fun!

We love all of these products on their own, or when paired together or with other personal items you might already be planning on gifting. No matter what you choose to gift your bridesmaids, they'll be sure to love and cherish the thought and anything that reminds them of the perfect day that is your wedding day! 

Want to leave all the heavy lifting to us? You can also opt for one of our READY TO SHIP gifts like the BRIDESMAID or the PAMPER // PINK and add keepsake photos for free!

Want to do more? Build them a custom BOXFOX! Get to gifting✨

Want to add a little something, something to stuff you already have planned, check out our MARKETPLACE.


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