Military Care Package

Military Care Package

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Being away from home and the people you love the most can be tough when you’re deployed. This is exactly why receiving a care package from home can be a great way to assure the service member in your life that you’re thinking of them and will ultimately help them feel closer to you. When it comes to choosing the contents of your care package for your friend or family member on base, keep in mind things that would make them feel comforted, remind them of home, or that they’ll find useful while they’re away.

Sending them a care package in the form of a BOXFOX is the perfect way to let them know you’re there for them, even though you can’t physically be there. It’s sure to brighten even the darkest of their days, and give them a reminder of home!


Something to sip on //

Our Sutra coffee and turmeric latte powdered mixes are the perfect additions to any care package because they’re easy to blend, just mix with water. These hot beverages mixes will be a quick fix to keep them warm even on the coldest days. 

Something to read //

There’s no better downtime fix than a good book or Journal, especially when it comes to the perfect distraction to unwind. Sending them The 5 Minute Journal is the perfect way for them to take off stress in the form of pen and paper or considering gifting them Jen Sincero’s ‘You are a badass’ to serve as a platform for self-help and encouragement when they need it the most.

Something to keep them hydrated //

Gift them a bkr or Soma water bottle to ensure they’re hydrated during their long days away, especially if they’re deployed in the desert, it’s the small gestures that mean the most.

Something to stay entertained //

Theory 11 playing cards, Frederick’s and Mae dominoes, W&P’s primary games, or Palomar’s Sky Map are a great way to keep them entertained while away. These games will keep them not only entertained, but also brighten up their day with a little fun! 

Something sweet //

Toffee, chocolate, candy, you name it. The Compartes Let Them Eat Cake Chocolate Bar will remind them of a warm homemade dessert, but in a chocolate bar! 

Something to pamper themselves //

Build a BOXFOX has so many simple and easy ways to pamper yourself. Whether it’s Buckler’s skin cream or chapstick, a Lapcos facemask, or Salt and Stone sunscreen, give them a little something to treat themselves for the hard work and service they’ve done.   

Something handwritten //

From a ‘thinking of you’ to an ‘I love you,’ you type it, we write it! Every BOXFOX comes topped off with a handwritten note. Just select a card, type out your message, and we’ll handwrite it for you to add that personal touch.

Don’t wait any longer, get to gifting them the care package of their dreams today!

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