A Thoughtfulness Checklist For Brides

A Thoughtfulness Checklist For Brides

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From choosing the venue, catering and florals, to the group of wonderful women (or men) to stand by your side through it all, we're here to help you stay on top of your wedding checklist so no detail gets overlooked.

Get Organized //

Before you start the planning process, grab your Rifle Paper Co. notebook. This notebook will literally become your best through the entire process so you can keep all of your dates and deadlines in one place. Compose a ‘wish list’ of must haves at the wedding; whether it be a succulent wall to the perfect photobooth, write it out.

Create a Budget //

Now that you’ve crafted your ideal Wedding wish list, it’s time to figure out your budget. This will help you immediately factor out what’s realistic versus not from venue to décor. Remember, the most important part of creating your budget is sticking to it!

Pick Your Bridal Party //

This is a big one, who you pick in your bridal party requires more thought than you’d think. These are going to be the people who are going to assist you during the entirety of your wedding planning process, especially your Maid of Honor. Select people who you can count on because they’ll be the ones working with you and your fiancé to stay on track with your goals and deadlines.

Research //

If you don’t have a clear vision on what your wedding is going to look like, do a ton of research. Browse through Pinterest, buy wedding books that give sound advice, and research until you start to narrow down your theme. Once you’ve chosen your theme, it’ll make finding the other little details much easier. Funneling through multiple sources of information will help this process and steer you away from making any quick decisions that you might later regret.

Timeline //

There are weddings that can happen two months after an engagement while others might be a two-year process. Pick a timeline that’s realistic for you. If you need more time to think about your theme or don’t think you can hit your budget, that’s ok too! Be thoughtful with this so that you don’t over hype and under deliver leaving yourself disappointed.

Venues //

Once you’ve planned your timeline, you’re going to know what venues are realistic to meet your budgetary needs. More desirable venues can book out up to one to two years in advance so keep that in mind when creating your timeline.

Vendors //

Think about your ‘wishlist’ combined with your budget and carefully evaluate who you think would most realistically meet your needs. Make sure to apply your research to these vendors so you trust that they will make your expectations a reality.   

Relax //

In the midst of all the planning, make sure you spend some time away and relax. Everything will work out one way or another. You’ve got friends, family, and an entire bridal party plus your fiancé on your side. Take the time you need to catch a breath.  

Gift Thanks //

When the wedding is over and the party has ended, remember to gift THANKS to those who've helped make your big day unforgettable.

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