Boss FOX // Jillian Wheeler of Sonix

Boss FOX // Jillian Wheeler of Sonix

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For this week's special Mother's Day edition of BOSS FOX, we have new mom and Sonix Creative Director Jillian Wheeler! We're such big fans of Sonix, a family owned tech and accessories company based right here alongside us in Los Angeles. You probably know them, they're THE go-to for phone cases (check out our favorites on Build a BOXFOX) and are quickly becoming the source for all the accessible luxury pieces you strive for (sunglasses, laptop cases, all adorable!) The driving force behind this success is Jillian, whose vision has helped bring Sonix from tech company to so much more than that. We caught up with Jillian to chat all about being a working mom, her first Mother's Day, and where Sonix is headed from here!

First thing’s first, happy first Mother’s Day! How are you doing?

Thank you! It's still so weird that this holiday applies to me now! 

What does Mother’s Day mean to you now that you’re a new mom?

Oh gosh, I should probably have a "mushy gushy" answer for this but for me it's about acknowledging and celebrating how much work parenting is! I have a new found respect for moms everywhere. It's both the hardest and the best thing you will ever do. 

You’re the Creative Director of a very successful brand, and I read about how you pivoted the company from male tech accessories and developed it to what it is today! Where do you want to take it from here?

We have been very successful in the tech industry for the past 7 years but at the same time the market is changing. We were one of the first brands to create "fashion" prints on clear cases, which defined us at the time. Now, there are literally thousands of brands trying to do the same thing. I think adapting to today's changing market is really important for Sonix. Tech is where we came from. It will always be a focus for us, but we have been working to diversify our product offering beyond tech. My goal is to cater to the ever changing necessities of the modern girl. 

We have had huge success in eyewear, Nordstrom has been an amazing partner for us so we are working to get into more fashion categories over the next year. 

What has been the most rewarding part of your experience at Sonix?  

Seeing girls (and guys!) on the street wearing my designs is the most rewarding feeling. That will never get old! 

Do you have an all-time favorite Sonix design? (I live for my “On Holiday” case and charger!)

Oh that's a good one! I love that floral print but I'll always have a special place in my heart for our "sushi" print. Me and one of my illustrators worked on that print for weeks, I swear. I must of revised that art 100 times before it felt perfect! 


I’ve personally have really enjoyed the few times you’ve posted some of your inspiration boards on Instagram! Can you tell us a little bit about what’s inspiring you right now?

Thank you for saying that! I need to start that up again! My latest obsession is Scandinavian fashion. Their aesthetic is elevated yet approachable and fun. Their eye for color and incorporating quirky prints is so inspiring to me right now.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

"Accept change as inevitable." This has really resonated with me over the past few months as I've juggled being a new mom and going back to work full time. Now that I have a baby I've had to learn how to let go and delegate more responsibilities. I work with an amazingly talented group of creatives but I'm also slightly OCD when it comes to creative control. In any business you have to adapt to change if you want to grow.


What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

@hannastefansson, a Scandinavian blogger I started following recently. I love her style and she is SO creative with her insta stories! 

@aurorajames, Creative Director, Designer, all around inspiring woman! 

@adaptationsny, a vintage home store in NYC. I love getting home inspo from their feed!

@oftheflowers, the most creative floral arrangements! I actually find a lot of inspo in their work for our own floral prints. 

@whitneyeveport, the only "mommy blogger" I follow! She is very transparent on being a new mom along with her daily struggles. She is refreshing and relatable and I love that!  

What are you most looking forward to in your year ahead?

We are working on a really exciting collaboration in eyewear. I'm not sure I can say anything yet, but it's launching in June. So keep an eye out for that! We are also opening a mini pop-up shop at the Grove starting in October, which I am really excited about as well! 


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