Friends In Fox Places // Sam Klegerman

Friends In Fox Places // Sam Klegerman

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Our BOSSFOX and photography guru of the week is the talented Sam Klegerman. As you scroll through his website, you will certainly form a few girl crushes as well as some serious wardrobe envy. Over the course of his successful career, Sam has partnered with major brands like Alice & Olivia, Sam Edelman, Playboy, Brandy Melville and LF. It comes as no surprise that we are obsessed with his #girlpower shoots as well as his aesthetically pleasing work. Sam has been on our radar for quite some time and we can’t wait to see where his successful career takes him!

Sam Klegerman Clients // BOSSFOX


NAME // Sam Klegerman

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND // Photographer + Stylist

HOMETOWN // Laguna Beach

CURRENT LOCATION // New York & Los Angeles

EDUCATION // Parsons: School of Design


When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue a career in photography?

SK // My friends and I were just playing around in the 8th grade + putting clothes together and started taking photos for social media and everyday it became more and more of a creative process to make cooler and more dynamic outfits.. From there I was hooked and just kept creating  

What were some  of the most challenging photography techniques to master?

SK // I think the most difficult yet achieving process to master is taking an idea and concept and making it come to life .. I think with the right execution and resources you can make anything but mentally composing the shot will take you to the next level.

What has been your favorite project that you’ve worked on? Who did you shoot?

SK // Last year the Newmark Models Team® & I headed to the desert and shot for an entire weekend for Sam Edelman! It was just constant fun and we were styling with the best clothes.

Who or what are you biggest influencers? Do you look up to a certain photographer?

SK // I have to credit Jules Newmark for being the light in my life that's  constantly pushing me to be a better person everyday and to work hard for the things I truly want in my personal life and career.

When you’re shooting a campaign, how do you make sure to embody the company brand?

SK // COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!! Even just having a chat with the client before hand and showing eachother example mood boards so that when the shoot comes everyone is on the same page & seeing eye to eye.

If you could work with any brand // model // company in the world, who would it be?

SK // Shooting Shay Mitchell for a For Love and Lemons Spring lookbook... trust me I've been thinking about the looks and styling for this dream shoot since day one.

 What components make up your ideal work environment? Music, positivity, etc?

SK // ONE WORD : VIBESSSS .. If the model / team / anyone is acting up and being off" it's extremely noticeable and annoying .. Everyone has to meet in the middle and show up with a positive "hustling" attitude in order to get the best results.
What is the biggest platform to display your work to a large audience? Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, or your website?
Instagram!! @saaaaamk (5 a's) Trust me I'm thinking of going to just samklegerman too .. my thumb now hurts from pressing all these A's for the past century


Tell us your favorite BOXFOX product.. We know it’s hard to choose JUST one!

SK // LISTEN -  a gifted hair product is a gift from above. I absolutely loved receiving the birthday box from my best friend because the DryBar Hold Me clips take my hair to the next level when drying because they are so easy to style with and they don't yank my lucious locks out. 

If you could make a BOXFOX for your best friend, what card would you choose?

SK // I'd have to go with the Hustle card because whether I'm just sending a friend a birthday box or just thanking a client with a special built box I feel a small note to keep the "hustle" is always a motivating reminder.

Coachella Countdown // BOSSFOX

Tropical Getaway // BOSSFOX

Girl Squad // BOSSFOX

We love sharing with you all some of our favorite BOSSFOXES, as they are individuals who continually influence and inspire our team. At the age of 18, Sam is an outstanding example of a young professional who consistently strives to make a name for himself in this world. We admire Sam's passion for photography & we are confident he will go above and beyond, fulfilling his career goals & dreams. 


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