GIFT GUIDE // A Box for Every Fox

GIFT GUIDE // A Box for Every Fox

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With customizable options, over 100 amazing quality products to choose from, and countless unique Build-a-BOXFOX combinations, we have everyone covered. From the ultra girly to the hippy dippy, we have products for every member of your squad. Our new blog series, A Box for Every Fox will feature gift guides for all of your different types of friends. This week we are bringing you gift box ideas for the sophisticates, trend spotters party goers, and homebodies in your life. Read up now and never blow it on a gift again! 


Gift ideas for your best friendsGift guide for your friends

The “Trend Spotter”

The “Trend Spotter” always knows everything before anyone else. The newest brands, trends, and celebrity gossip- she is the first one on the scene. When the "Trend Spotter" is seen wearing a new brand, you know it is about to take off in the next couple of weeks. “I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so i bought army pants and flip flops.” Send this friend the newest and hottest essentials from BOXFOX.

The “Party Go-er"

The “Party Go-er” always has places to go and people to see. As the life of every party, she is constantly on the move. This social butterfly needs a box packed with essentials to get her through yet another crazy weekend of bouncing from party to party and bar to bar.

The “Sophisticate”

The "Sophisticate" is your friend that shows up in fancy shmancy silk pajamas to watch a movie when your friends all agreed on sweats. She never has a hair out of place, a chipped nail, or even a zit (as much as we love her...we kind of hate her). How someone can be so glamourous all of the time is beyond us. Send your most glam friend a box filled with next-level essentials- she only wants the best of the best and you can give it to her.

The “Homebody”

The friend you turn to for a night of Sauvignon Blanc and SVU. The roommate you can always find tucked away reading her favorite book in bed. Your favorite girl to go out with...if you can get her out of the house. The "Homebody" is always looking for good company, cozy nights in, and intimate settings. Help her and her homebody ways with a BOXFOX filled with all things low-key and cuddly. 

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