BOXFOX Bridal // I’m Engaged! Now What?

BOXFOX Bridal // I’m Engaged! Now What?

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Hello Ms. soon-to-be MRS and welcome to the moment you’ve finally been waiting for! It’s finally here, you’re engaged! Now what?   

Well, now that the teary-eyed phone calls and FaceTimes with countless family members and friends are over with and all of Instagram has gotten a peek at your rock, it’s time to get down to the fun stuff (yay!).

While all of your planning may seem daunting, grab your pen and paper, FEYONCÉ, we’ve got the icing to your cake, and by that we mean the next steps on what happens now! //

Get Your Ring Insured

Before you truly start celebrating, make sure you get your ring insured. In the midst of all the chaos that is your engagement, mistakes and mishaps are possible, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to keeping your bling in check. Because let’s face it, we know your friends are all dying to try your ring on.


Because you’re kind of a big deal and engaged, so why not celebrate? Before you get caught up in the wedding planning, take the time you need to have an engagement party. Whether it’s a brunch, lunch, or an event that packs a punch, you deserve a celebration of this incredible milestone!

Set a Date

Even if it’s not the date, it’s still important to set a date. This way, you’re able to map out your exact wedding timeline and aren’t too overwhelmed at the end. Working off a ballpark timeline will definitely help you in the long run from picking a venue to all of the details in between.

Set a Budget

Once you’ve set your timeline, you can start planning your budget and map out your savings accordingly. Knowing your budget far enough in advance will help you when it comes to pulling together all of your details for the perfect day.

Think About Your Guest List

Your guest list will be a lot easier to craft once you’ve got a budget in mind. If you’re tighter on money, you can immediately cut out those relatives that you’ve never met or that one family friend who knew you when you were seven but you couldn’t even point out in a crowd today. Even if it’s just an estimate, it’s good to keep in mind how many people your having in order to plan the rest of the details.

Start a Venue List

Once you’ve got an estimate as to how many people you’re planning on hosting for your big day, it’ll be much easier to start thinking about your venues. Say you’re up in the air about a venue and realize that you’re fifty people over capacity, it makes it much easier to cross that off the list.

Pick Your Wedding Party

This is the fun part! Remember, your day is about you. If feelings are hurt by this process, they aren’t real friends. Typically, wedding parties are selected 8 months to a year out of the date, but there’s never a wrong time to pop the question. This is about you picking the people who you want to stand by your side and support you through it all. The ones that have been there through it all, who have seen you at your best, worst, and somewhere in between. Who have watched your face light up at the thought of falling in love, the ones who you can’t picture your day without, so choose wisely!

Gifting inspo on how to get them to be your bridesmaid HERE. 

Start Brainstorming

Now that you’ve got the ones who are going to stand by your side to SAY YES, you can commence the brainstorming process. Buy the bridal books, utilize google, and live on Pinterest. There is so much inspiration on the internet and books that you can buy, so don’t worry about feeling lost. The more research you do, the clearer your vision for your big day will become. And trust the process, we promise!

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