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As midterm SZN will soon be a distant nightmare in the past for college students, long library hours, a steady IV drip of espresso and constant lack of sleep is fortunately coming to an end *SIGH*.  Don’t just go back to your old habits of binge watching your favorite Netflix show (although we are certainly guilty of that too), it is time to celebrate the finality of midterms with the best way we know possible... no DUH, create your very own customizable spring break survival BOXFOX. Better yet, don’t just treat yourself, spread the word to all of your favorite foxes and treat each other!

From one Fox to another, we have juicy insider information for you! On the lower right side of our website, there is a subtle REFER A FOX tab. Click on this to learn more about our pass along promotions & how it can help you score a sweet discount #winning! Here at BOXFOX, we believe in spreading the wealth, sharing the love and hitting us with your best (Instagram) shot. That means being there for people when you can’t physically be there. When building your next level essentials BOXFOX full of Spring Break goodies...talk us up. The more you share, the more you earn. The more they share, the more you all earn, so you better be taking advantage of this great opportunity. You’ll FOXflatter them when you show that you’re looking out for them. Not just by sending gifts, but letting them in on our best kept secret.  

PSA: Calling all moms, friends, boyfriends or admirers, Greg doesn’t have this one covered, so it’s time to step up to the plate. Want to show your future spring breaker just how much you care & how proud you are of them for slaying those midterms? Yeah, we thought so.

Shop our boxes to ensure that your jet setter has got it covered, from HAY noise blocking earbuds, to oh so cute Bkr bottles & a much needed carry on cocktail kit, we know you’ll make your box a major success.

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