Fellow Foxes / Valentine's Day Gifting

Fellow Foxes / Valentine's Day Gifting

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Receiving tangible gifts is considered one of the most powerful love languages out there. We asked our very own foxes what they’re planning on giving this VDAY to show they care.


Janet // Sending to all her kids

WHAT: Our precurated RED HOT box for her son at UCSB, Jackson; Our precurated ROSES ARE RED for her daughter Riley; Anything and everything sweet, especially Sugarfina, for her daughter Bergan at Cal Poly SLO. 

WHY: She absolutely loves her kids and they deserve something special. She chose gifts that remind her of each of her children individually and include all of the things they truly love. 

Maddy // Sending to her Mom

WHAT: Our precurated UNDER THE STARS box. WHY: She’s obsessed with it & knows her mom will love all the little luxurious touches, like the Jasmine Body Oil.

Olivia // Sending to her parents

WHAT: Our precurated AT THE DRIVE IN box. 

WHY: Her parents love to watch movies together and always fall asleep during them. The Compartes Chocolate Bar and the Binge-Watching Survival Kit are just what they need to stay awake throughout any film.

Grace // Sending to her Mom

WHAT: A custom Build a BOXFOX including our new Viski Gold Winged Corkscrew, Lapis Facial Oil, and B Toffee for her wino chocoholic Mom.

WHY: Her mom has the best skin and absolutely loves sweets! 


Claire // Sending to her boyfriend Loren

WHAT: A custom BOXFOX with Daneson Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks, Jack Rudy Tonic, Aromatic bitters. WHY: Claire’s “drunk in love” with her cocktail connoisseur. She knows he deserves some bar cart essentials that he’s always wanted, but would never actually buy for himself.

Arreanna // Sending to her boyfriend Francis

WHAT: Our precurated RED HOT box.

WHY: He likes spicy things and she doesn’t; The Sriracha To Go Keychain is the perfect compromise. He always wears very loud socks and these Chilli Pepper Socks will make the perfect addition to his collection. They have a very humor-filled relationship and this box is just that!


Rachel // Sending to all of her friends (lucky us!)

WHAT: Our precurated ROSES ARE RED box. WHY:It’s the perfect mix of products from all her favorite brands. It’s the ideal blend of relaxation and indulgence. She knows if there’s anything her friends won’t use, she’ll definitely steal for herself… after all, what are Galentine’s for?

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