Founder Notes for 2024

Founder Notes for 2024

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

Hello BOXFOX friends,

The holidays are over, the dust has settled, and we have officially kicked off a new year here at BOXFOX.
2023 was great for a lot of reasons (and hard for others), but above all, was the most growth we have experienced in our 9 years in business. We'll spare you the boring details, and while bootstrapping, management, and entrepreneurship are not for the faint of heart, we're so lucky that this is what we get to work on building each and every day.
Some huge achievements? One of the biggest things we did this year was migrate our domain to and significantly update our (first of its kind) Build a BOXFOX app. Besides a long list of improvements, you folks were able to place huge multi-address orders in one checkout, which is a game changer for you and for us operationally!
We are so blown away by the continued support you've afforded us as we've evolved over the years, embracing our creativity, and trusting us with your most important personal and professional relationships. While in the warehouse this holiday season, we got to witness (and pack a few!) of your stunning curations, read your heartfelt notes, and remember how wild it is that this was something we just dreamed up into reality.
As we all know, 2024 actually starts this week, and we want you to be the first to know about the exciting stuff you can expect from us this year.
  • Our Valentines/Galentines Drop is about 2 weeks away!
  • Continued web improvement: We promise if it's something that you think will make shopping on better, it's something our very lean team is working on!
  • More and more personalization: Hint, hint, put their name on it!
  • Vessel variety: Stay tuned for new and exciting ways to gift curations and care packages.
As we head into this new year (PS, we turn 10 this coming November!), our top priority is continuing to serve up creative, consistent and strong offerings to our most loyal customers to inspire connectivity and community. The world has changed so much since we launched in 2014 and we'll continue to take our hands-on, servant leader approach into the next decade of business.
A lot of you have asked how you can support a self-funded, small business like ours in ways beyond purchasing from us!
  • The #1 free way to support us is spread the word (sending referral links earns you cash too!)
  • Write a review HERE
  • Engage with our tiktok and instagram (we show a lot of personality there)
  • Send us notes/thoughts and feedback when the inspiration strikes you! We respond to all of them!
Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the privilege of serving you all these years!
Have a fantastic 2024!

Chelsea and Jenni

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