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Hi Trinity! Nice to meet you, tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Hi! I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of Golde, a Brooklyn-born wellness brand powered by superfoods. I grew up in Upstate New York and founded Golde with my high school sweetheart, Issey, when we were both 23 years old. 

When did you start building the Golde brand and what inspired you to create the company? 

Golde was born in 2017 from my own experiences as a consumer in the wellness space. I felt super caught between this crunchy granola, health food store stuff I’d grown up with upstate, and this new wave of offerings that felt really prestige and out of reach. I knew there was a gap in the market for wellness products that were affordable, fun, and actually tasted good. 

Where does the name “Golde’ come from? 

It comes from a couple different places! Firstly, we started the brand with a single item, a Turmeric Latte Blend, so the name Golde was inspired by that “golden milk” product. It also embodies how the brand should feel – warm, bright, golden. 

What would you say the Brand Mission is? How are you applying it to your day to day operations? 

Our mission is to make wellness truly accessible to everyone. This informs everything we do, from making sure our products sit at an affordable price point through supply chain operations, to the mainly POC and female investors on our cap table, to showing our audience that wellness is for everyone through our marketing and social media. 

What has been the most challenging as an entrepreneur entering the wellness industry? 

A huge challenge comes from the constant impulse to compare your entrepreneurial progress with others’. Especially with social media, we all see everyone’s highs and (usually) none of the lows, so it’s easy to get in a cycle of feeling like you’re not measuring up. It’s important to keep your blinders on and focus on building the journey that works for you, one day at a time!

Can you tell us more about the importance of superfoods and their benefits? 

A superfood is really any natural fruit, vegetable, or herb that has wellness benefits, and that can be anything from energy, to gut support, to skin hydration. In comparison to traditional vitamins, superfoods are truly natural ingredients that can give you that gentle boost you need, wherever you might have a gap in your routine.

What is your personal favorite from the collection why?
Such a tough question! It’s like picking a favorite child. But honestly, my favorite has to be Coconut Collagen Boost. It’s a vegan collagen-boosting creamer that has the dreamiest coconut-vanilla flavor. It’s powered by superfoods like bamboo extract to help boost your body’s own collagen production, without your typical animal-based collagen. I truly can’t go without it in my daily matcha – it’s that good!

Talk to us about your branding, if you could describe the aesthetic in three words what would it be? 

Approachable, colorful, and fun.


What are some of your favorite brands to follow along with? 

LESSE, Redoux, and Yowie are a few of my favorites!

What’s next for Golde, can you give us a sneak peak into new flavors or products?

We launched 5 (!!) new products last year, so we’re taking a bit of a pause on that front. That being said, we’ve got some exciting packaging updates and merch drops coming! Watch this space :)

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