In Her Bag // BOXFOX CEO Chelsea Moore

In Her Bag // BOXFOX CEO Chelsea Moore

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

Remember that feeling when you loaded up all of your new school supplies into your fresh backpack? How you coordinated your scissors, ruler, and pencil pouch to match perfectly? Well, we’re about to take you back to those good old times of flip open desks, recess, and being home by 3pm. Take a peak inside CEO Chelsea’s back to school bag, and check out her top 5 tips to putting together the most prepared bag of essentials.



T H E  T O P  4  T I P S  F O R  C R E A T I N G  T H E  M O S T  
O R G A N I Z E D  W O R K  B A G  // 

Pouches, Pouches, Pouches! 
Whether it's your colorful pen collection, a quick snack, or even just harbouring a few extra tampons, a cute pouch is an essential for any busy girl. 

Well Kept Tech Wipes and Bling Wipes!
Keep wipes on deck not only to make sure that ever important screen is always clean, but also that your rings sparkle, impressing even the toughest boss or client. 

Sooo Much Chapstick...
There's nothing worse than when you're talking to someone and all you can focus on is their crackly, dry lips. Don't be that person! Instead always keep your work bag stocked with a chapstick or twelve... 

Chargers, Never Let Your Devices Fail You
Avoid the terrifying moment when you see your devices at the critical level of 1%. Always keep a charger handy to refrain from running around like a maniac looking for an outlet or scrambling to borrow a coworker's charger, it is never a good look. 

W H A T ' S   I N   H E R   W O R K   B A G  // 

Rifle Paper Co. // Sun Print Memoir Notebook

Well Kept // Buckhead 

Herbivore Botanicals // Coco Rose Lip Butter

Herbivore Botanicals // Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist // I Don't Work Here Pouch

Bling Wipes // Set of Two // More Coffee Please Keychain

Appointed Co // Chambray Linen Jotter

Le Pens // Orchid

Mini iPad

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