Our Top 10 Favorite Female Founders (and their best advice)

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Our Top 10 Favorite Female Founders & Their Best Advice

1. Alli Webb

As a mother of 2, this founder is more than just a working mom. Alli Webb started what would become her company, DryBar, in 2008 with an in-home blow dry business, Straight-at-Home. DryBar functions on the premise “no cuts, no color, just blowouts”. Keeping it simple was one of Alli’s greatest career moves and has launched her company into major success. 


2. Jaclyn Johnson

Jaclyn Johnson is no stranger to hard work. As a blogger, entrepreneur, and CEO, she’s truly done it all. One of her most notable achievements was creating the conference Create and Cultivate, which attracts thousands of entrepreneurs and creative minds who join together to share their passions. Her enthusiasm for women inspiring women has catapulted her career and made her into the girlboss she is today!

3. Jen Gotch

Founder of Ban.do, Jen Gotch, has no shortage of creativity. Her fun and quirky aesthetic is anything but predictable (a Forbes article notes, she once answered the door in roller skates). As for advice, Gotch tends to give it more often than get it. In an article by Fast Company, Gotch shared that the major turning point in her career was the moment she realized she “had to start selling things [Ban.do] could make multiples of, so [they] could get meaningful press, have things in stock, and satisfy customers.”

4. Whitney Wolfe

When Whitney Wolfe faced major challenges working for a man at Tinder, she decided to quit her job and start a female-focused business. This business being none other than direct competitor, Bumble. Bumble gives women the chance to talk first, making them the ones in control. This role-reversal stems from Wolfe’s passion for helping women be strong together. Bumble has grown from just a dating app, to other platforms focused on friendship and networking. If there’s one thing that catapulted Wolfe to the top, it’s her confidence in herself as a woman and her belief in what she deserves.

5. Payal Kadakia 

Payal Kadakia founded fitness company ClassPass out of her own need for a diverse and exciting fitness routine. As mentioned in a Business Insider article, her career is driven by the idea that “the impact we have on people’s lives is more important than any title anyone can carry.” This passion for helping others has gotten Kadakia to where she is today. Her successes have never come at the price of others, but rather made the quality of their lives even better.

6. Rosie O’neill 

Although Rosie O’neill’s career has centered around Barbie Dolls and candy, this girl boss isn’t messing around. With an MBA from UCLA, she’s got some serious business skills. One of her many pieces of valuable advice, from a recent Huffpost Q&A, is that “innovation is not a one-time thing. You have to constantly look at ways to push things to the next level and keep making yourself and your brand better.” This is definitely something we take to heart here at BOXFOX and admire in Rosie.

7. Jen Rubio

As co-founder of Away luggage, Jen Rubio loves to travel. Her travels have taught her many things, but most importantly, to make connections. She believes that making genuine connections with others in a shared world is all a part of the adventure. She built her company on the premise that thoughtful luggage is the only way to truly let go of inhibitions and experience the world.  

8. Michelle Cordeiro Grant

Founder of Lively, Michelle Cordeiro Grant, is making an outdated industry great again. Her goal is to deliver functional, stylish, and comfortable intimates for women called leisurée. It wasn’t until Grant decided to move from finance to merchandising that she recognized her passion for inspiring women to feel their best in products that are worth their approval.

9. Tracy Sun

 Tracy Sun has made her company, Poshmark, into one of the most successful secondhand retailers in the world. Although sun was headed down the premed track, it was her interest in human behavior that lead her to create one of the most engaging platforms out there. Her inspiration comes from the idea that fashion is universal, everyone has a part in it even if they’re doing so subconsciously.

10. Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely started her billion dollar company simply by cutting the feet off her pantyhouse. Blakely, founder of Spanx, built her business on the foundation of “helping women feel great about themselves and their potential.” Now, with product in over 50 countries, it was Blakely’s own potential that led her to be the businesswoman so many look up to.

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