What We're Thankful For This Year

What We're Thankful For This Year

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This week, we're all about giving (and gifting) THANKS. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we're celebrating what our foxes are thankful this year. Read on to see what they've shared, and get to gifting the ones you're thankful for in your life this year, and every year.
CHELSEA MOORE // CEO + Co- Founder
Relationships are what make this life so valuable and worth living. I'm so grateful for all of my friends, colleagues, family and employees this Thanksgiving and every day.

I have so much to be thankful for, my life is full of blessings! This year, I am especially grateful for my hands and everything they help me do. The last six months I've been dealing with nerve problems in my hands and neck, now diagnose with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I'm so thankful to have found amazing physical and occupational therapists who have helped me make progress.

SABENA SURI // CSO + Co- Founder 
I'm thankful for the ability to see the silver lining in any situation -- I practice gratitude journaling on a daily basis and it's really helped me remember all the good I have in my life, day in and day out, even when the going gets tough. I'm also really thankful to be a part of an incredible, all-star team who works as hard as they do.

CLAIRE RAYMOND // Business Development Manager
As I get older I realize I have so many things i take for granted that I should really be thankful for. Not least among them are: BOXFOX puppies and friends and family near and far who keep me grounded and sane (especially during the holidays). 

GRACE OLSON // New Business Account Executive
I'm thankful for my amazing community in LA -- from all my circles of friends, amazing coworkers, and roommates, but also I love going back to NorCal and being around my family and friends, eating delicious food, and unwinding. Cheers to a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving for all! 

SONIKA SURI // Marketing Associate 
I'm always thankful first and foremost for my family, for constantly being surrounded by their positivity and guidance through all of the ups and downs of life. This year more than ever, I'm thankful for my friendships and career. I don't know what I'd do without good friends to help me through tough times, and a job that I love! 

RACHEL HAZELL // Fulfillment Manager
Although I'd like to think I'm pretty thankful year-round, I love this time of year for encouraging us to share out loud what we're thankful for. I would obviously be nothing without my health and family. That goes without saying. This year I'm particularly thankful for my job. I hear so many horror stories about people hating their jobs/bosses/coworkers and I feel so #blessed to work with the best. 

VIVIAN DER STEPANIAN // Corporate Production Manager
This year, I am super thankful for my adorable new puppy, Vienna! She is the sweetest little mini golden doodle I could've ever asked for. 

MADDY KLINEMAN // Customer Service + Fulfillment 
This year, I'm thankful to work with a team of smart, driven, interesting women who make each day so exciting!

NYLA GILL // Corporate Fulfillment Associate
I am grateful for a lot of things this year, but I am definitely most grateful for my family, good health, amazing friends, and my best friend and boyfriend, Trevor.

OLIVIA DERIN // Fulfillment Associate 
This year, I am thankful that I can reflect on how far I've come and see the potential in where I can go in the year to come. I am grateful to have my family and friends by my side in good health and that we can all celebrate life's victories together.

JANET O'CONNELL // Fulfillment Associate 
Of course I am so, so thankful for my kids most of all. And for them being there for each other and their mother! And of course, I'm thankful for all their happiness and success in life! 

KAYLA MEDRANO // Fulfillment Associate
I'm thankful for having a job that I look forward to coming to every morning, for a happy and healthy family, and for reality tv!!

ASHLEY GRADWOHL // Corporate Fulfillment Associate
I am thankful that I had the opportunity and was able to move states here to California scoring a job here at BOXFOX working with such amazing people! I'm also so grateful for my friends, family, and 2 kitties that I adore.

BROOKE CAVINS // Inbound Inventory Specialist
This year, I'm most thankful for my health (mental and physical health is everything, I've come to realize), my crazy (but fun!) family, my loving friends, my super cool, female-run, empowering job, and for all the puppies in the office. 


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