Hostess Tips We Learned From Mom

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This week, our Foxes shared their favorite hostess tips they learned from mom because let's face it, no one does it better than her. See what tips and tricks they hold near and dear // 

Chelsea // CEO

My mom's taught me so much about how to treat others, but when it comes to hosting (or even how to be hosted well), generosity + awareness are key. I never show up empty handed and I never go to someone's pool without my own towel.

Jenni // COO

My mom is such a gracious hostess. At every gathering, dinner, or bbq she will always use good quality napkins and provide silverware over plastic utensils. She’s also a potter, so she serves her delicious food on beautiful ceramics, often times her own creations. I learned so much about presentation from her plating, not to mention her tablescapes.

Sabena // CSO

My mom definitely has a knack for keeping everyone well-fed. She taught us that there is no such thing as too many appetizers — because from cheese plates to popovers to kabobs, everyone knows that appetizers are usually the best part of the meal. 

Grace // New Business Account Executive

My mother also sets her table days in advance and is the master of all things charcuterie. She's taught me so much about the behind-the-scenes cooking schedule that goes into hosting, and the importance of carving out time to shower and get ready before putting the final touches together! I hope I can live on their legacies of setting beautiful scenes and cooking delicious food for my future dinner parties!

Maddy // Fulfillment + Customer Service

My mom taught me that the key to surviving a meal/event you’re hosting is planning and preparation. Making a list of everything that needs to be done - delegating as many items to the day before as possible (like setting the table and pre-chopping vegetables) - helps eliminate (or at least minimize) that last-minute stress. We always have a moment when everything’s ready to go and we’re able to take a breath, have a glass of wine or champagne before  everyone arrives, and those are moments I always remember.

Nyla // Corporate Fulfillment Associate 

My mom has taught me to always make your guests feel at home and create a welcoming atmosphere.  Create a nice ambiance  - set the table , sit outside with candles and ALWAYS have a pretty dessert (my moms favorite part and the most important of course).

Olivia // Fulfillment Associate

As the hostess of all big gatherings, my mom has taught me everything there is to know about both hosting effectively and being a good guest! She's taught me the most impactful lessons on how to be a good guest-- always express gratitude and offering to help prepare anything or clear the table (aside from just eating everything until the plates are clean). 

Riley // Fulfillment Associate

My mom is the embodiment of Martha Stewart (she has even been told she looks like her) so I’ll never live up to her hostess greatness. However, over the years she has taught me the importance of a great theme, color scheme, and adding small details that make a big impact. Her best tip: a great margarita never hurts a party! 

Janet // Fulfillment Associate

 My sweet mother taught me the key to hosting a dinner party is to bring out all the show stoppers. Never be afraid to use your fine china, crystal glasses, and cloth napkins to make a lasting impact.  

Carly // Marketing Intern

My mom has always been a hostess extraordinaire. She taught me that making someone feel at home is one of the most endearing gestures. Her tips that have resonated with me the most are to always have fresh flowers around the house and that you can really never have enough food. 

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