2023 Grad: Law School

Two black pens on a white background.
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels - BOXFOX
A girl with tan legs wearing mid-calf light grey fuzzy socks with her legs up in the air criss-crossing against a white background
A black colored vegan leather notebook with gold foil text reading "NOTES" across the front photographed against a white background.
Black glass jar candle with gold detail. Lid rests on top.
Five black bullet pens on white background.
Buckhead Tech Wipes - BOXFOX
Oakmoss Shower Bomb - BOXFOX
White envelope packaging with black sea salt image on front.
Grey and white box with black eye gels next to it.
A white book with black spining that says BIG in big, bold black letters and "Idea Book" inside the "I" of the BIG in gold foil text. Photographed against a white background.
Coffee Caramels Pillow Box on white background.
Whiskey Wedge - BOXFOX
deep forest green with slight blue undertones colored mug. has le creuset embossed towards the bottom
Charcoal Single Sphere Ice Mold on white background
Grey collapsible cup on white backgorund.
A black rattan cane tray holding a grey ceramic mug on the armrest of an oatmeal colored couch.
black onyx eclipse coffee packaging with embossed print
Mug on white background
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A navy plastic travel mug with silicone sleeve that reads, "stojo" photographed on white background.
Gunmetal Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker - BOXFOX
Four black gua sha on white background.
Charcoal Glass Cup - BOXFOX
Metal Wine Pump and 3 Stoppers next to bottle of red with glasses and corks.
Two grey pens, one with the cap on and one with the cap off.
Men's feet wearing beige striped socks and black pants photographed in front of a tan backdrop with metal chair legs and white shoe in background
Black wine cooler sleeve with black le crest logo on the bottom. Sleeve has wine bottle inside with yellow foil
black onyx tealight black tea blend - black box with gold writing on a white background
A black wine opener being used to open a bottle of red wine..
black and white marbled ceramic mug