mini hot coco crunch popcorn
Four gold bullet pens on white background.
A square chocolate bar packaged in brown and orange geometric designed paper. Gold leaf writing on packaging reads, "Goodio Craft Chocolate Pumpkin Spice 49% Cacao Organic - Vegan Stone Ground in Finland 48g (1.7 oz.)".
Dark green notebook with light blue grid lines.
A woman's hand dipping a gold acorn tea infuser into a light grey ceramic mug holding hot water. Next to the mug is Art of Tea Pacific Coast Mint tea in a tin.
Gold face mask packaging that reads "HONEY NOURISHING LAPCOS"
A pair of legs up in the air against a white brick background. The image only shows the legs from the shins down, and the girl has light skin and is wearing crew length white socks with brown colored smiley faces on either side of the ankle.